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A Major Content Drop Might Be On The Way To Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare

With the launch of Season 1 of Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War, progression within all three current Call of Duty titles has merged. While that integration has given priority to the newer Black Ops – Cold War and battle royale Warzone, Modern Warfare still has additional operators, maps, and weapons on the way.

According to a tweet from ModernWarzone, 2019's Modern Warzone has two new operators on the way, alongside three new weapons and at least four new maps. The new operators will be Soap Mactavish, who has appeared in multiple Call of Duty games, and Shane Sparks, a new operator. Joining Modern Warfare's roster of weapons are the CX-9 SMG Skorpion, RAAL LMG, and CX-9 Sykov pistol. Rounding out those additions are two 6v6 maps, Killhouse and Al-Raab Airbase, alongside two 2v2 maps, Townhouse and Drainage.

While these additions are unconfirmed by Infinity Ward or Activision, ModernWarzone is a trusted source of information in the Call of Duty community and has correctly predicted new developments before. In August 2020, they leaked that a Zombies mode would be coming to Warzone, and it did two months later. News that additional content is on the way for Modern Warfare is reassuring to fans of the 2019 iteration of the franchise, whose future has been in question since Season 6 ended on Dec. 7, after being extended from Nov. 23.

Modern Warfare players have been unsure of what to expect in 2021 because the last content roadmap for the game ended with Season 6. While Activision's focus has certainly shifted to support the newest game in the franchise, Black Ops – Cold War, alongside the popular battle royale game Warzone, Modern Warfare still has a solid player base. Modern Warfare broke franchise records for the highest sales in the first year. As a result, Activision has been enjoying strong microtransactions sales directly related to Modern Warfare's impressive sales figures.

The question for Modern Warfare owners at this point is whether this new content will come all at once, effectively making it as substantial of an addition as a new season, or if it will be released slowly over time. Warzone's games-as-a-service approach has changed the life span of Call of Duty games and their multiplayer experience. Due to Call of Duty's annual release schedule, the multiplayer experience was generally only seriously supported until the next game came out, but now some of that player base may stick around for longer.

Modern Warfare fans will have to wait for an official announcement from Infinity Ward or Activision to confirm the new content, but these leaks are a good sign that game will continue to receive support in 2021.