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Is Overwatch Teasing Its Next Hero?

The new Overwatch map, Kanezaka, features what could be the teaser for a new hero. Blizzard finally gave some love to its Overwatch fans when it released the latest content just before Christmas. The new deathmatch map, Kanezaka, has brought to life a game that has otherwise been a little stagnant. The map just went live on the Public Test Region, and already players have found hints pointing towards a possible new Overwatch hero.


On the map, there is a large electronic billboard that features the mysterious Brit. The blue billboard is highlighted by a woman dressed in yellow as she exits (what appears to be) a mech suit. For those that may not know, Brit is not exactly a new character and she still makes frequent appearances across Reddit. She has been a character concept since the early days of Overwatch. There is not a lot of information to go off of, but the basic idea is available.

According to Twitter user @OverwatchNaeri, Brit is "ikely to appear as a new hero in Overwatch 2." The accompanying post features the image from the current map and a secondary image that revealed Brit's position as a hero. The bullet points feature the hero as a pistol user, a "support mech," and an "attack mech." Needless to say, it really does seem like the Overwatch crew used the original concept design image in their alleged teaser. It is not certain whether Brit will be released for Overwatch or Overwatch 2. The current landscape of Blizzard Entertainment and the neglect of Overwatch would suggest that the hero will be coming to the sequel.


It is easy to compare Brit to the already established D.Va, as they're both heroes that utilize mech suits. As Brit appears to have been designed with both support and attack in mind, there is a decent chance she will play a utility role similar to D.Va.

Overwatch fans will have to wait for any concrete announcements at BlizzCon 2021, which is scheduled for Feb. 19-20. The event is expected to feature updates on Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2. For now, Brit is nothing more than a possible teaser.