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The Mystery Behind The Alola Trainer School In Pokémon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon

Despite how bright and cute the Pokémon series appears to be, there are in fact some pretty creepy Easter Eggs to be found. Ever since the absolutely terrifying Lavender Town made its debut in Red and Blue, the Pokémon games have never shied away from spirits, death, and hauntings. After all, with an entire Pokémon type based on ghosts, Game Freak has plenty to work with if it's trying to find ways to creep out newer Pokémon players.


While there is plenty to be freaked out by in Pokémon, one of the standouts is a mysterious side quest most players won't notice in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. During their adventure, players will be taken to the Alola Trainer School to learn the basics of battling and type advantages. This tutorial doesn't last very long, and once it's over, players are more than likely to move on to the next objective in their quest. However, if the player returns to the school at night, they will be met by a mysterious NPC, accompanied by a Drifloon, who sends the player on a series of bizarre missions.

What's with the Alola Trainer School?

When you approach the little girl in front of the Alola Trainer School, the music in the area will change and she will explain that she wants you to investigate a series of rumors about the school. There are a total of seven mysteries to be solved, and they each involve the player checking out different areas of the school. Most of these rumors involve hearing strange noises and wailing at night. When the player investigates these occurrences, they're all explained by either a Pokémon causing mischief, or an actual person making the sounds themselves. 


However, once the player solves the sixth mystery, the side quest takes a pretty creepy turn. The little girl will thank the player for helping solve the clues and give them a pair of Wise Glasses. Suddenly, a security guard appears and yells at the player for being on the school grounds so late. When the player turns back around, the girl and the Drifloon have mysteriously vanished, leaving the player to wonder if she was ever real to begin with, or if the Drifloon kidnapped her. According to Drifloon's Pokédex entry, it has a knack for doing that.