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The Odd Poker Video Game That Featured An Evil Dead Crossover

Evil Dead has recently returned to the video game limelight. The franchise was once host to several dedicated video games, but then the tie-ins went into hibernation alongside the movies. After Ash vs. Evil Dead hit the airwaves (and was unceremoniously canceled), the video game tie-ins returned from the grave. Ashley J. Williams had a cameo spot in Dead by Daylight, Evil Dead: The Game was greenlit, and for a time gamers thought Ash would bring his chainsaw and boomstick to Mortal Kombat.


However, the Evil Dead video game cold sleep wasn't as barren as you might think. Ash took a break from all the Deadites, demons, and Black Friday shoppers to co-star in a friendly game of video poker. And he wasn't alone. Ash got to play cards and chat up quite a few other famous fictional faces. Well, faces who were famous back when the game released.

If any of this sounds familiar, you probably know where this article is headed. Regardless, keep reading and discover a game you might have missed out on.

Poker Night at the Inventory 2: GLaDOS Boogaloo

Before Telltale Games became (in)famous for creating stagnating narrative games, it made point-and-click adventures and experimental titles. One of the weirdest titles in the studio's library was Poker Night at the Inventory, a game that pitted players against Team Fortress 2's Heavy, Sam and Max's Max, Homestar Runner's Strongbad, and Penny Arcade's Tycho in a no holds barred game of poker. Poker Night had two selling points: the inter-character conversations and the TF2 equipment prizes. The game was a huge hit, so for the sequel, Telltale recruited a new set of faces. This is where Ash came in.


For round 2 (a.k.a. Poker Night 2), Telltale let Max's partner Sam play a few rounds. Sam was joined by Borderlands' Claptrap, The Venture Bros.' Brock Samson, and of course, Ash Williams. Also, the game got a special guest host in the form of Portal's GLaDOS. Poker Night 2 retained the original's comedic conversations and TF2 rewards, but this time it also added some exclusive Borderlands 2 prizes to the mix.

Unfortunately, when Telltale Games went down, it took both Poker Night games with it. You can no longer buy the titles, so if you ever wanted to watch Ash talk haircuts and ancient curses with Brock and don't own the game already, you missed your chance.