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The Next Genshin Impact Update Will Reward You For Not Playing

At the time of its release, Genshin Impact was a runaway success, earning a spot at the forefront of the gaming zeitgeist. However, even during its lucrative first two months, the total revenue earned from the game dropped off after its first month of availability. It's likely that the total number of active players has been lowering even further still, because developer miHoYo's latest announcement about the game's upcoming 1.2 update details a system that rewards users who haven't recently signed into their accounts.


This new series of rewards is unlocked in an event called Stellar Reunion. Triggering Stellar Reunion requires meeting three conditions. First, players will have to have reached Adventure Rank 10. This is a relatively early milestone, the requirement likely instituted in order to prevent new accounts from being created solely to complete the new event. Second, a minimum of 14 days have to have passed since a player's last login. Finally, a minimum of 45 days must have passed since the player last triggered Stellar Reunion.

That last point, while on one hand a limiting factor, also indicates that Stellar Reunion can be unlocked more than once. As long as 45 days have passed since their last time initiating the event, players can simply abandon the game for two weeks in order to progress through the event anew, should they so desire.


Rewards from Stellar Reunion fall into four categories. The first is a number of items, including Primogems and Fragile Resin, that are granted simply for partaking in the event. However, these can only be claimed once, meaning that players unlocking the event after their first time will no longer receive them. The second is a series of login rewards, providing players with a new item each day. The third is a batch of items rewarded upon the completion of new event quests. One of these is four star rarity sword, called Prototype Rancour, unique to the event and obtainable only once. Finally, three times a day, players who have triggered Stellar Reunion will have the chance to be rewarded twice the regular drops from Domains, Blossoms of Wealth, and Blossoms of Revelation.

Stellar Reunion lasts for 14 days in total, following the date on which the event is initiated. Players who haven't signed into their accounts for 14 days or more can trigger Stellar Reunion starting on Dec. 23, when Genshin Impact's 1.2 update will be implemented in full.