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The Clever Way Microsoft Is Promoting Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Although the PlayStation 5 is outselling the Xbox Series X in some parts of the world, that's not stopping Microsoft from promoting its own next gen console. In a new creative effort to boost the visibility of the Xbox Series X, Microsoft has taken a cue from Jenga to create a unique set of the popular and chaotic tabletop game. While this might be a strange collaboration, there's an interesting catch that just might influence undecided gamers to purchase an Xbox Series X as their next gen console.


The Xbox Series X Jenga set was sent to a handful of influencers who unboxed the package and posted it on social media. Stallion83, a popular Twitch streamer, was on the first people to show the internet this gift from Microsoft. He thanked the company for the present, and uploaded photos of what the Jenga set looked like.

The Jenga set is designed in such a way that it has an uncanny resemblance to the Xbox Series X. All the pieces are colored black, with many of the pieces featuring a dotted pattern on its top half to match the same dot design that can be found on the Xbox Series X. But the absolute best part about this set is that each individual piece contains a code that Xbox players can redeem to get a year's worth of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Microsoft seemingly sent these Jenga sets to influencers so that they could not only show off this really nifty piece, but to also give the fans of these influencers a chance at getting a free year of Game Pass Ultimate. It's up to the influencers now to start giving away these codes.


This isn't the first time the Xbox Series X has done collaborative promotional campaigns. On Dec 17, Microsoft unveiled two custom Mandalorian-themed Xbox controllers in celebration of the show's second season. One controller features the Child and the other shows off the Mandalorian in his suit of armor. While these controllers are only available as a sweepstakes giveaway, if you're feeling lucky, they are up for grabs until Dec 28.

The current Game Pass Ultimate lineup consists of classic Xbox titles such as Halo, Dead Space, and Dragon Age, in addition to newer titles such as Minecraft Dungeons and Microsoft Flight Simulator. With plenty of upcoming games getting added in 2021, like Among Us, those Jenga blocks are going to be pretty valuable to players who are leaning towards getting an Xbox Series X.