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Fall Guys Unveils Free Holiday Costume In The Most Heartwarming Way

Do you like Fall Guys and free stuff? Well, Mediatonic is giving away a costume just in time for the holidays, and the company announced the festive gift in the best way possible.

The free gift was unveiled with a very special video featuring the Fall Guys default jellybean waking up in their room (filled with posters of Devolver Digital games), wrapping presents for their family, and getting into hijinks inspired by the game, such as grabbing a crown and chasing tails. And failing, of course. Most importantly, the Fall Guy was made out of practical effects. Near the end of the video, Fall Guy gives their family the gift of Santa suits and receives one in return.


The heartwarming video closes on the reveal that the costume the Fall Guy received is available for a limited time. From now until Dec. 25, you can get this costume in-game absolutely free, which is probably a boon for players who want new outfits but can't seem to win matches (coughTimTheTatmancough). And, since the outfit is based on Santa Claus, it looks right at home with the rest of Fall Guys' season 3 costumes.

Judging by comments from viewers, the trailer is almost perfect. Many people have observed how the live-action suit captures the adorableness and waddle of the in-game model. Some viewers even wanted to hug the physical Fall Guy. Multiple commenters also noted that the video sold how sad the jellybean looked around the minute mark.


"THIS IS SO WHOLESOME AND CUTE, I'M CRYING," wrote one fan. "I am going to die from this cuteness," gushed another. A third even threatened, "i am on a hunt for the 16 people who disliked this masterpiece."

These sentiments were mirrored in the Twitter announcement, although quite a few responses were split between arguing over whether Fall Guys is relevant. Still, many commenters were impressed by the quality that went into the video. After all, it is a two-minute trailer to celebrate free content in a $20 game. Not all video game commercials run that long — or exude such exuberant holiday cheer. But Devolver Digital had enough faith in the battle royale (and cultivated a good enough relationship with Mediatonic) to drop the scratch on the ad. And it shows.

With any luck, you will see more of the live-action Fall Guys jellybean in future marketing.