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Endless Dungeon - What We Know So Far

Let's be honest here, folks: Everyone tunes into The Game Awards to get a good look at all the world-premiere trailers that inevitably drop. (We've covered quite a few such game trailers lately.)

The 2020 installment was jam-packed with some shocking pieces of debut footage that wowed gamers everywhere. Sephiroth got announced as the next DLC character for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Joanna Dark made her return in the upcoming installment of Perfect Dark, and the creative team behind Left 4 Dead showcased the spiritual successor called Back 4 Blood.


One of the more slept-on yet still enticing game trailers that popped up during the show came from publisher Sega and developer Amplitude Studios. Their joint project is called Endless Dungeon, a rouge-lite tactical action game that takes place within Amplitude Studios' Endless gaming universe.

Here's a primer on Endless Dungeon so that you're up to speed on everything it entails.

What is the release date for Endless Dungeon?

As of this writing, an official release date hasn't been revealed for Endless Dungeon. However, the game's Steam page notes that it's "coming soon."

In the meantime, gamers can get familiar with Amplitude Studios' other releases set within the Endless universe. Endless Space (released in 2012) is a 4X turn-based strategy game that can be found on PC. Endless Legend (released in 2014) follows the same vein as its predecessor and can also be played via PC.


Dungeon of the Endless (released in 2014) is the most similar to Endless Dungeon, as it focuses on rouge-like tower defense gameplay mechanics. Endless Space 2 (released in 2017) retains and greatly improves the same approach to gameplay featured in its predecessor. Besides Endless Dungeon, Amplitude Studios is also working on a brand-new 4X-themed strategy game called Humankind.

Humankind has been announced for release on April 22, 2021, for PC and Google Stadia.

An announcement trailer for Endless Dungeon has been released

An announcement trailer for Endless Dungeon has been the sole piece of footage revealed for the game thus far.

The trailer showcases a band playing behind a mysterious woman, who can be seen singing aboard some sort of spaceship within the confines of outer space. Her bandmates make up a ragtag group of characters, such as a massive robot and an alien life-form. Later on in the trailer, we get our first look at another group that seems be compiled of space mercenaries.


The mercenaries can then be seen exploring darkened areas while engaging in intense shootouts with an assortment of baddies. The three-player co-op mechanic is put on full display as all three mercenaries are working together on-screen simultaneously. The game's action unfolds from a top-down viewpoint that's reminiscent of games like Diablo.

Endless Dungeon's interplanetary adventures certainly look enticing, as evidenced by the game's reveal trailer.

What does Endless Dungeon's gameplay entail?

Endless Dungeon gives players access to a charismatic team of shipwrecked "heroes" who end up marooned on a space station.

In order to figure out what happened to the space station and find your way out safely, you'll be tasked with moving through its many rooms. The rouge-lite mechanics for the game rear their head as each room presents a new challenge for you and your squad to overcome. You'll engage in manic shootouts with all sorts of foes while collecting the essential crystals at the heart of the game's harrowing experience.


The main pull of Endless Dungeon is the ever-changing dynamics hiding behind each door you and your party will venture through. You'll have to fend off all sorts of rabid alien menaces in each room. And what makes these enemy encounters even more terrifying is the fact that you'll never know what you'll run into next since each room is procedurally generated.

It's worth noting that Endless Dungeon can be enjoyed in a solo format or via a three-player co-op option.

What platforms will Endless dengeon be available on?

You can experience Endless Dungeon's derelict space station adventuring on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam).

And as an added bonus for PC players who sign up for the game's mailing list, they'll receive a free skin for the character Bunker. The skin that will be gifted to PC recipients will be chosen via a community vote. The skins that are a part of the community vote are Shrubbery, Braveheart, and Bugfinder. Bunker is just one of Endless Dungeon's space mercenaries. The other two that will be joining him for some rouge-like adventures are Shroom and Zed.


More than 100 comments for the Bunker skin voting contest have been posted thus far, and the voting period will be closed within seven months, counted from Endless Dungeon's December 2020 announcement. Here's hoping that the winning Bunker skin also makes its way over to non-PC versions of the game upon release.