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KFConsole Has Series X And PS5 Running Like Scared Chickens

Unable to find the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 due to scalpers? Tired of wasting ambient heat that wafts off of overactive console hardware? Cooler Master and KFC have the solution to suit all your gaming and energy reclamation needs: the KFConsole.

Early in 2020, KFC teased the KFConsole, but audiences didn't know if it was real or a hoax meant to poke fun at the next-gen gaming platform hype. Well, it is most definitely real; it is most definitely built by Cooler Master, and it most definitely helps keep your fried chicken — or whatever other gamer fuel food you want — warm while you play video games.

According to the console's main site, the KFConsole sports a custom NC100 case, an Intel Nuc 9 Extreme Compute Element, a swappable GPU slot, and two Seagate BarraCuda 1TB SSDs. All this hardware is designed to power up to 240 fps 4K gaming, complete with VR functionality. With great gaming power comes great heat output, and not a single watt will go to waste. The KFConsole will channel all that heat into its patented Chicken Chamber to keep your food nice and crispy, all while console hardware stays as cool as a side of chilled celery sticks.

Not only does the KFConsole feature more drive space than a Series X or PS5, but its swappable GPU slot lets you continually upgrade the console for years to come. The CPU might eventually become a bottleneck, but you can consistently install newer and more powerful graphics cards to make up for it and brute force a path for KFConsole gaming dominance.

Admittedly, much of the KFConsole's potential is speculative. It might include some impressive hardware stats, but there is still much we don't know about the platform. The site doesn't mention any important factors such as its operating system, controller, price, or even how it will distribute titles. Since the KFConsole sports a Chicken Chamber instead of a disc drive, the device will probably be 100% digital — not unlike the Xbox Series S — but how will it sell games? Will the KFConsole feature its own storefront, or will it link to an existing one? Will the platform feature a custom software environment that poses unique optimization challenges? And most important of all, will this device take a page out of the PS5 pack-in game revival handbook and come with a pre-installed copy of the company's dating sim, I Love You, Colonel Sanders?

All these questions will be answered in due time, but until then, practice proper KFC handling procedures. You do not want to get fried chicken grease all over your new console.