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Valkyrae's Abrupt Exit Leaves Fans Worried

Fans of YouTube streamer Valkyrae have been concerned for her since she abruptly ended a stream on Dec. 27. While playing Rust with TSM Myth, Shroud, and others, Valkyrae suddenly signed off, kicking a support campaign for the streamer into high gear.


Although Valkyrae seemed to be enjoying her time streaming in recent weeks, including during a highly successful stream with Pokimane and Lil Nas X, the last few days have been fraught with frustrations for her. In fact, the Dec. 27 Rust stream was this group's second attempt at getting this big collaborative stream going. On the previous day, the streamers managed to play Rust for a little while before the stream was cut short. Some people have blamed that shortened stream on a larger number of viewers than normal, while others have blamed the stream's issues on a DDoS attack.

The streamers managed to get back together on the following day, and things proceeded as normal for a bit. That is, until the last few minutes of Valkyrae's side of the stream. Her usual bright and sunny demeanor wasn't what it normally was, and Valkyrae seemed to fall quiet for several minutes before abruptly signing off. There was no heads up or outro of any kind from the streamer, which may be what has truly stunned her fans. Instead, in the midst of a flurry of activity, Valkyrae suddenly closed the window playing Rust. Then she looked at the camera and said, "I'm gonna end stream. I'm not having fun streaming."


And that was it. Valkyrae's stream immediately ended. Not only that, but the content creator actually went dark on social media for a little while, following the incident. According to a report from Dexerto, Valkyrae's Twitter account was also switched to private after the confusing ending to the Rust stream. 

The prevailing theory among fans of the streamer seems to be that toxic behavior in her chat caused her to end her stream early. Because of this, it didn't take long before Valkyrae's fans began to show up in droves to back her up on social media. "#ValkyraeSupport" began trending on Twitter, with fans declaring their love for the streamer and letting her know how much she means to them. Even people who had just recently discovered Valkyrae's channel were showing their support for her and using the hashtag.

It looks like Valkyrae got the message, because her Twitter account is public once more. The streamer also tweeted an appreciative "love you!!!" to her followers. Hopefully the next big collaboration between these streamers won't be negatively impacted by a toxic chat.