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What To Expect From The Fire Emblem Heroes New Year Event

It's that time of the year again: Time for this year to switch on over to the next. 2020 has been an ... interesting ... collection of days. The gaming year started with bang thanks to the reveal of Fire Emblem: Three Houses' Byleth for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and it almost ended on a whimper with sinking stocks for CD Projekt Red. Leave it to Nintendo to rescue the year once again with some more good Fire Emblem news, this time for the mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes.

Starting Jan. 1, Fire Emblem Heroes players can participate in a special New Year's event that features a slew of new characters. Well, they're old characters, but they sport new clothes and abilities.

Plumeria, Velouria, Kaden, and Peony lead the way as the event's premiere gacha characters. Plumeria will sport a powerful bow and her signature Sweet Dreams skill, as well as the ability to counterattack magic, staff, or dragonstone-wielding opponents at any range, make follow-up attacks if her opponent initiates combat, and debuff all enemies within two spaces. Velouria, meanwhile, will come with a debuffing melee attack, the Sol healing skill, and the power to counterattack enemies at any range and negate enemy follow-up attacks.

Kaden will bounce into battle with a melee attack that punishes enemies more the slower they are, the ability to swap places with allies, the power to increase ally speed every other turn, and a skill that debuffs enemies who try to use movement skills. Last but not least, Peony will flit around with a ranged attack that buffs nearby allies, and she will sport her signature skill Gentle Dream. Moreover, Peony can buff allies and cure them of ailments, penalize enemies within range of a song or dance ability, and increase ally performance. Most importantly, Peony also comes with the special Duo Skill, which grants her another turn while buffing the closest ally with the most health.

That's not all, though. Each of these characters will also receive a starring role in a new Paralogue Story, Beyond Dreaming. And, special versions of Anna, Selkie, Lethe, and Alfonse are also up for grabs. However, as with all things gacha, you're going to need the luck of the gods if you want to obtain these special heroes. If you pull from the special Focus pool, you have a six-percent chance of receiving one of these heroes. If not, you only have a measly two-percent shot at them.

The event will only run until Jan. 31, and once it ends, the heroes disappear into the digital void, likely to never resurface. So, if you really want some special characters, you'd better act fast.