Valkyrae's YouTube Income Revealed

One of the fastest-growing YouTube streamers in the world, Valkyrae has recently soared in popularity thanks to her Among Us streams which have garnered millions of views, helping to bring her up to 2.7 million subscribers on YouTube. After leaving Twitch, Valkyrae signed on with YouTube in January 2020, and recently received the title of Content Creator of the Year from the 2020 Game Awards.


While the platform may have started out as a simple video-sharing site, YouTube has become one of the highest-paying companies for content creators, awarding revenues based on number of views, not to mention the income earned from sponsors of the site. During one of her recent streams, Valkyrae accidentally leaked just how much she has made from the site.

A screenshot posted on Twitter showed Valkyrae's channel analytics, which were briefly visible during one of her recent streams. According to the figures in the screenshot, the revenue she earned over the course of one month — $172,908.21 — and that number appears to be 6% less than that of the preceding month. Even though this is no spare chunk of change, Valkyrie isn't even one of the top earners on YouTube; that title is awarded to Ryan Kaji, a nine-year-old YouTube star who has earned $29.5 million and has over 41 million subscribers, according to a report by Forbes.


Valkyrae is one of the original members of 100 Thieves gaming organization, which was created by esports star Matt Haag, aka "Nadeshot." Valkyrae moved out of the 100T content house in early 2020, claiming that she wished to better balance her work and personal life, although she continues her affiliation with the organization. Valkyrae signed with YouTube in early 2020, and she told Dot Esports that she made the move to help her to support herself and her family financially. She also expressed a wish to expand her content beyond gaming, and believed that YouTube would give her the freedom to do so.

Fans of Valkyrae recently rushed to support her when a collaborative stream had the gamer abruptly logging off due to mysterious circumstances. Though nothing was confirmed, the speculation is that there was some toxic chat going on during a live stream of Rust between Valkyrae, Shroud, TSM Myth, and more on Dec. 27. In response to the outpouring of love from fans, Valkyrae tweeted a short but sweet "love you!!!" With the continued support of viewers, fans can expect that Valkyrae to continue her rise in success as a YouTube gamer.