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This Was Sega's Best-Selling Console

In the early years of home console gaming, several notable systems were released that pushed the industry forward. Veteran gamers probably remember the first time they got their hands on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Some might even go further back and remember the first time they played on their Atari 2600. For a good while, one of those biggest names in consoles was Sega.


Sega first transitioned from the arcade industry to consoles in 1983. Their first console, the SG-1000, was not a commercial success on the level of the others. The console was forced to compete against Nintendo's Famicom and ultimately lost. However, the loss did not stop Sega from trying to compete in the market. In 1989, Sega would help to mold the modern gaming industry. The Sega Genesis ended up being the most profitable console that the company had ever produced.

How successful could this one console be?

They're talkin' millions

Sega accomplished an incredible feat. While its first home system, the SG-1000, sold an estimated 2 million units worldwide, the Sega Genesis would go on to sell 29.5 million units. That is approximately a whopping 1,475% increase in unit sales. The Genesis would become the best-selling console from Sega. According to figures from VG Chartz, the console sits at number 17, right under the Nintendo 64, in a list of total platform sales.


The Sega Genesis was the superior console. During their console debut, Sega was overshadowed by Nintendo. That's why Sega designed the Genesis to be much faster than the Super Nintendo, its new rival in the console market.

The Sega Genesis was a workhorse. It helped to ushered in the era of 16-bit gaming and set the bar incredibly high for the new generation of consoles. Sega's innovative technology and can-do spirit might also be why their slogan at the time was "Genesis does what Nintendon't."

With so much attitude and hype, it's easy to see why the Sega Genesis was Sega's best selling console.