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The Controller Nearly 60% Of People Say Is The Best Of All Time

There are a couple of important factors that go into determining how great a video game console is. The hardware's design, its technical prowess, and the software library it plays host to are among the most notable. Another component of a quality video game console is its signature controller. In order to get the most out of a system's collection of games, one must enjoy the look and feel of the controller that's used to play them before anything else.


Since the dawn of gaming, the joystick has evolved in impressive and often curious ways. Gamers have come across some incredibly comfortable controllers, and they've also had the displeasure of handling some unwieldy horrors along the way. SVG presented a question to said gamers about which video game controller takes the honor of having held up as the best of all time.

Out of four choices (not counting "other"), one of the listed controllers came out far ahead of the competition. And what's most shocking about that pick is how recent of a controller it is.

A whole lot of gamers love the look and feel of the DualShock 4 controller

According to SVG's survey, voters chose the PS4 DualShock 4 controller as the greatest video game controller of all time.

The DualShock 4 ran way with 59% of the total vote, and it's easy to see why. Sony PlayStation's DualShock has steadily evolved into the near-perfect product fans have grown to appreciate today. The easy-to-comprehend button layout, perfectly situated analog sticks, and comfortable bottom handles make it universally beloved by many.


Coming in second place on the survey is the Xbox 360 controller, which managed to pull in 26% of the vote. Following that controller choice is the "Other" option with 10% of the vote: Voters brought up the Xbox One controller, Wii motion controller, and even the newly released PS5 DualSense controller within that category.

The Super Nintendo gamepad garnered 3% of the survey's total votes, while the Sega Geneses six-button gamepad came in at last place with just 1%.