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This DualSense Feature Is A Pleasant Surprise

The PlayStation 5 finally launches on Nov. 12, and it seems like the new console still has plenty of surprises in store for fans.  Gaming YouTuber John Glasscock recently posted a video that shows his first hands-on experience with the PS5's DualSense controller. After a brief unboxing of the new controller, Glasscock showed off a few of the DualSense's more interesting features. Some of these features were unexpected, even for hardcore gaming fans.


Glasscock began the video by pointing out a few things on the body of the controller. For one thing, the PlayStation logo on the front of the controller is actually the power button, giving it a bit more flair than the circular button seen on the DualShock 4. Near the power button is the DualSense's headphone jack and secondary charging port. However, this was all a lead up to the most exciting part of the video.

"Okay, so this is the thing that really blew my mind about the new DualSense controller," said Glasscock. 

At this point, Glasscock displayed how easy it is to snap off the DualSense's front plate. This can apparently be done without the use of any tools, making the DualSense's front plate just as easy to remove as the faceplates on the PS5. It looks like all Glasscock had to do was apply a bit of pressure at the edges of the faceplate, and it popped right off. 


Glasscock apparently knew what pretty much every prospective PS5 owner would be thinking. After snapping off the DualSense's front faceplate, Glasscock said, "What this means is that you should be able to replace [the DualSense's front plate] with your own custom one, if you wanted to."

Fans have been looking forward to seeing what kinds of customization will be available for the PS5 ever since its design was first unveiled. When Sony showed off the inside of the PS5, it became apparent that the faceplates on the console could be easily removed or swapped out, which made fans even more excited. 

In fact, one company has already tried to provide the PS5 with more color options. Originally called PlateStation, this third-party company attempted to sell customizable faceplates that could be swapped out with the ones that came with the PS5. Despite a bit of hesitation from some fans, orders started coming in like mad for PlateStation's products. Unfortunately, a legal dispute with Sony led to PlateStation first changing its name to Customize My Plates, then sadly cancelling all orders for their own PS5 faceplates. Instead, Customize My Plates will be selling vinyl skins for the PS5 and DualSense, along with other gaming accessories. While Customize My Plates' customers were disappointed to see the company pivot like that, this latest DualSense reveal seemingly indicates that PS5 customization is still very much on the table. 


Fans seem to be pretty excited about the DualSense's removable front panel. One person tweeted, "The PS5 has everything you want for a personalized console system, you can basically mod it the way you want." Several people have also commented that it should make the controller's thumbsticks much easier to clean and maintain. Another person jokingly remarked that this removable faceplate might be in danger from gamers who frequently throw down their controllers in frustration.

Elsewhere in the hands-on video, Glasscock showed off a few more aesthetic features of the DualSense controller. These included the new thumbsticks that are the same size of the ones on the DualShock 4, as well as the textured grips on the controller. These grips, fans recently learned, contain an interesting Easter egg for PlayStation fanatics: tiny triangles, circles, squares, and X's.

Glasscock also used Remote Play to test the DualSense on his PlayStation 4 console, which allowed him to demonstrate another cool detail. Just like with the DualShock 4, the DualSense's lightbar will change colors to match certain actions in some games. The light extends down and around the DualSense's trackpad, giving those color-changing moments an extra futuristic feel. Glasscock also confirmed that the DualSense controller is compatible with the PlayStation 3. While the PS5 is not backwards compatible with PS3 games, players who enjoy the feel of the DualSense controller will still be able to hook it up to their PS3 consoles and knock out a game or two with the new controller.


While some people have ben disappointed by the DualSense's battery life, hopefully fans will be pleased with everything else that the controller brings to the table. Despite the DualSense's really weird quirks, Sony's new controller seems poised to be a literal game changer.