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xQc Breaks His Silence On Rust Server Drama

Wherever popular streamer xQc goes, drama usually seems to follow. From minor mishaps like leaking his IP address to foul play in an online Twitch Rivals tournament, such incidents have remained a near-constant byproduct of xQc's brash persona. The latest xQc drama occurred on a Rust server created by streamer group OfflineTV. Since joining, xQc has accused multiple other members of the server of stream sniping, which is when someone watches a gamer's stream in order to find and kill them in-game.

In most of those cases, the accused have denied taking any such action. In one instance, however, former OfflineTV manager Edison Park owned up to a sort of stream sniping, leading xQc to speak out about the backlash to his series of accusations and overall presence on the server.

In tweets that have seemingly been removed (via Dexerto), Edison Park explained that he wasn't keeping an eye on xQc's stream, but instead watching the stream of fellow server member Ash_on_lol. This is how he was able to glean information otherwise unavailable to him about a spot where xQc had died, leading him to loot some items xQc had dropped upon dying.

In response, xQc suggested that he's beholden to a double standard. "Most of the time I admit to my own faults even if it hurts," he began, then arguing that "somehow you guys do really scummy s*** and play the denial card every time and make me look like the psychotic idiot."

From the get-go, xQc's presence on OfflineTV's Rust server was controversial due his focus on killing other players, including some who hadn't wanted an overtly competitive experience. In response, Shroud stated publicly that he would ban xQc were it up to him. This was said while Shroud was playing Escape from Tarkov, which he explained was an attempt to get away from the now-infamous Rust server for a bit.

Sodapoppin also considered quitting the server after becoming the recipient of yet another stream sniping accusation from xQc. Myth was also accused of stream sniping, leading to a profane back-and-forth between him and xQc.

Whether xQc is right about being treated unfairly, or was merely right about EdisonParkLive knowing more than he should have about his dying location, his accusations have already had unforeseen consequences. Ash_on_lol received death threats after a spat with xQc in likely the most extreme example of this.

BaboAbe will be starting a new Rust server on Jan. 7, which will be focused on role-playing for members of the current server who are looking to escape the ongoing drama.