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The Shadiest xQc Moments

Some gamers will do anything to win a match, including the former Dallas Fuel player Félix "xQc" Lengyel. During a recent Twitch Rivals Fall Guys tournament, xQC targeted specific talented opponents by grabbing their avatars — a difficult task since everyone is given a random generic player name for the sake of anonymity. When audiences and opponents discovered he achieved this dastardly tactic through stream sniping, he was promptly (albeit temporarily) banned from Twitch. This wasn't xQc's first brush with Twitch's terms of service, let alone disreputable activities.


If you examine xQc's streaming career, as well as his professional gaming career in general, you might notice he has a habit of getting on the bad sides of other players and organizations. His recent ban is only the latest in a long line of streaming restrictions, and he also has a short temper that leads him down a condemnable road. All things being considered, stream sniping might be the most innocent of xQc's crimes because he has done a lot more.

Dallas Fuel put out a fire before xQc could add more fuel to it

You might wonder why xQc isn't with Dallas Fuel anymore. Why did he leave behind a promising future with a notable team? Because he was forced out due to questionable behavior, that's why.

In 2018, xQc was one of Dallas Fuel's star Overwatch League players, but even he couldn't save his team during a match against the Houston Outlaws. The Outlaws completely dominated the Fuel team 4-0, which didn't sit well with xQc. In a fit of rage, he unleashed a homophobic rant at his opponents, one of whom is openly gay.


This behavior earned xQc a four-game suspension and a $2,000 fine, but it wasn't enough for xQc. Undeterred, he went onto social media and made numerous disparaging (and racist) comments, which earned him an extra $4,000 worth of punishment. And, it didn't help matters that he also called the Overwatch League's casters "cancer."

Dallas Fuel's owner Mike Rufail decided enough was enough and terminated xQc's contract. While Rufall thanked xQc for his time, effort, and accomplishments, he thought it would be in Dallas Fuel's best interests if the team and xQc parted ways.

You mess with the in-game reporting, you get the banhammer

xQc is a legendarily sore loser. If you don't play up to his standards (which are pretty darn high), he'll use every trick in the book to get back at you.

During what should have been a friendly match of Overwatch, xQc was teamed up with a player he didn't believe was pulling their weight. So, he decided to spam report them for poor teamwork, griefing, cheating, and poor teamwork again for good measure. Each time he reported the player, xQc only typed two words into the feedback section: "f***" and "you." Throughout the reporting process, xQc bobbed his head up and down to the music as if enjoying his abuse.


It took a while for xQc's actions to sink in, but eventually, word got around to Reddit (at least according to xQc). From there, he was reported for abusing Overwatch's in-game reporting tool and promptly suspended from the game. And what did xQc say in his defense? That he didn't know what he did to deserve the suspension and that he used the "wrong words" in his reports. He tried to play the victim, and Blizzard didn't buy it.

xQc threw the towel in his team's face, so Blizzard threw him in the suspension bin

Even when xQc doesn't verbally make his thoughts known, his actions do all the talking. When he's having a bad time, he's more than happy to drag everyone on his team down with him.

In 2017, xQc started a campaign of throwing Overwatch competitive matches. While off-stream, he would repeatedly refuse to participate, go AFK at the worst times, and intentionally miss shots. Anything xQc could do to annoy his teammates, be unhelpful, and lose, he did. Even though xQc was smart enough to avoid self-incrimination by streaming, many other players recorded his actions (or inactions, depending on how you look at things). So, Blizzard banned xQc for a week.


To xQc's credit, he posted an apology video where he came clean and admitted his actions. To the opposite of his credit, however, he intentionally threw the matches several months before he went off the rails and had to be ejected from Dallas Fuel.

xQc can't seem to stay away from explicit material

Once is a mistake. Twice is a pattern. Three times is a habit. By that logic, no matter how many times xQc apologizes for streaming sexually explicit material, his repeated offenses are clearly dubious.


xQc has "unintentionally" streamed sexual clips numerous times in 2020 alone, and each time, he maintained his innocence. The first time, he was asked to check out a totally-not-suspicious video called "SFW Porn" while live, and he got hit with a three-day banhammer suspension. The second time, he "accidentally" streamed one second's worth of gorilla carnal relations, which earned him a 24-hour ban.

Not all of xQc's sexually explicit bans came on the heels of watching videos. He once streamed a game that was essentially strip Connect Four and entered a cheat code (that he received from a viewer) to uncensor any nudity. To be fair, he quickly closed out of the game when he won enough matches, but he was banned anyway.


Is xQc truly that naïve, or is he merely trying to pull off a trick Twitch mods don't believe? Whatever the answer, his refusal to learn from his past mistakes is suspicious.