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Corpse Husband's Streaming Career May Be Coming To An End

Corpse Husband may be leaving the streaming scene almost as suddenly as he joined it. The deep-voiced Among Us player and musician revealed in one of his recent streams that it's been increasingly difficult for him to keep up with his streaming schedule due to his ongoing battle with a chronic illness, and he's not sure how much longer he will be able to maintain his constant work on the platform.


In a segment of his Jan. 2 stream (captured by YouTube channel Corpse Squad), the singer stated that he soon may not be "physically capable" of streaming anymore. "I don't know about the whole streaming thing ... with my illness," Corpse said. He went on to say that he limits his streams to once or twice a week right now, but those streams will need to get shorter as he manages his illness.

"All these other people are able to play every day and play different games and stream every day. I just, like... literally couldn't do that even if I wanted to," he added.

Corpse also spoke about a recent stream where he was forced to leave early because his nose began to bleed and his "whole arm" was "numb" from sitting in his streaming setup for an extended time period, which is something he typically struggles to do. Later, Corpse revealed that his body has been "acting up" lately and he is working to get back into physical therapy, but at the same time, he is "scared of getting recognized" so he tries to take care of himself. He warned fans that if he seems off in a stream or needs to leave early, it is likely due to something with his illness and he doesn't want to make it a big deal.


Corpse Husband is known to be a very mysterious public figure, to the point where he has never shown his face to fans. Even before his YouTube career kicked off, he only showed half his face in photos. As such, it's not entirely surprising that the star hasn't fully shared the details of his chronic illness. Corpse did previously mention in a stream that he suffers from an eye condition that causes light sensitivity, and often wears an eye patch to combat symptoms. Additionally, in an Instagram Q&A, he claimed that his deep voice is a result of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), which affects his vocal chords.

Corpse Husband's fans may be disappointed to see him leave the streaming scene (whenever that may be), but he won't be completely out of the public eye. The YouTuber revealed that he plans to focus more on his music career, because that is something he is "physically capable of doing" with his illness.

"I feel like inevitably I'm just gonna pour everything I have into the art of music. I just have to do it right," Corpse said.