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The Untold Truth Of Corpse Husband

In a world of countless streamers vying for the attention of fans, you have to have something special to set yourself apart from the rest. The deep-voiced, faceless YouTuber Corpse Husband has been talking people to sleep since 2015 by telling scary stories on his channel, most of which come from Reddit boards. But the storyteller has experienced a different sort of fame in the past few months, frequently trending on Twitter and taking over Tik Tok with his audios and fans. Most recently, he's trended for chatting up Halsey on Twitter.


Corpse Husband rose to popularity by streaming Among Us with other internet personalities, but there's more to the mysterious YouTuber than those gameplay videos.

While Corpse Husband has remained fairly anonymous during his time as a viral Internet star, fans know that he's 23 and lives in California. He has chosen not to show his face online, and instead represents himself via a number of anime-inspired avatars that have most of their face covered, often with decay, as seen in his Instagram profile pic. By having his avatar's faces covered, Corpse makes a playful jab at himself and his own hesitance to reveal his identity to the world.

Why won't he show his face?

Corpse never shows his face, but why? In an interview with Anthony Padilla, Corpse said that in horror videos, it's easier for viewers to use their imagination if they're not looking at someone's face directly. When asked if he's ever shown his face, Corpse answered, "There is not a single picture of me from before YouTube with my entire face in it."


There's also another reason why Corpse hasn't revealed his identity: anxiety. Corpse has admitted that he has "very bad anxiety" and rarely leaves his house. While he said that his anxiety has only been heightened by his YouTube fame, he explained that he experienced anxiety before his rise to popularity, too. He has said that he does sometimes dream about revealing his identity, especially to those who thought he'd never amount to anything. Having dropped out of school in the 8th grade, Corpse says he'd like to show his teachers and former classmates that he didn't disappear and that he's made something of himself.

Corpse continues to remain anonymous in his daily life, although it might be more and more difficult to do that as he gains popularity streaming games like Among Us and releasing new songs like the viral "E-Girls Are Ruining My Life."


Among Us put Corpse Husband on top, but he already had a large following

For many in both the streaming and gaming community, Corpse Husband seemed to come out of nowhere towards the end of the summer in 2020. His sudden popularity was fueled by streaming Among Us alongside Twitch superstars such as Disguised Toast and Pokimane, as well as Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. By November, Corpse Husband's main YouTube channel reached over five million subscribers.


However, all of that success stood on some substantial foundations. As mentioned previously, Corpse Husband built his following through telling horror stories on his YouTube channel, starting in 2015. Every upload on his primary YouTube account was a video of Corpse Husband telling these stories until Sep. 2020, when the first Among Us video showed up.

Thanks to his consistent content from 2015 to 2020, Corpse Husband already had 1.23 million subscribers in March 2020, well before Among Us itself even began to attract attention on streaming platforms. While growing that audience by over 6 million by the end of the year was an impressive feat, Corpse Husband had clearly put in the work to build a strong channel before his Among Us boost.


Corpse Husband had to ask fans to stop sending him cash

While Corpse Husband goes to great lengths to remain reclusive, his fans have still sought ways to contribute to his stream and persona. The easiest and most common way that fans have been able to do this is by donating money to him while he streams.


However, those donations seemed to have gotten a little out of control. During one stream, a fan donated $200 to Corpse Husband, prompting him to laugh before asking the fan not to continue making huge donations. Corpse Husband says, "You don't need to that. You can do that without giving me [a lot] of money ... I really, really appreciate it but, like, please don't do that."

Out of control donations from fans have been a problem for streamers and the community for some time. One streaming fan caught the attention of Reddit when his wife revealed that he had donated over $30,000 to streamers, draining their savings. Some of the most prominent streamers in the industry, such as Pokimane, put a $5 cap on all donations. While Corpse Husband hasn't gone this far, he seems well aware of the destructive impact that a fan's overeager generosity can have.


Excited fans sold out his favorite cologne

As Corpse Husband grew more and more popular over the course of 2020, the calls from his audience to finally reveal his face grew. However, some eager fans seized on an off-handed comment and decided if they couldn't see what Corpse Husband looked like, they could at least find out what he smells like.


Corpse Husband preferred brand of cologne, PI Neo by Givenchy for Men, was uncovered by at least one fan on Twitter in Nov. 2020. It took until Jan. 2021 for most of his audience to pick up on that information, but once they did, they quickly bought all they could find. Corpse Husband responded to the incident, recounting, "How do I feel about my cologne selling out? So, what cologne I wear during a live stream like this, and I [expletive] went to go buy some later, and you guys [expletive] bought out my cologne that I wear. I have to legit find a new cologne to wear, because you guys bought it out."

While Corpse Husband may have been somewhat shocked by the sudden sales, Givenchy may have been pleasantly surprised. Not only did the company sell out of its stock for this particular line, but its Amazon reviews went through the roof.


Music career in the making and chronic illness

Corpse Husband has particularly grown in popularity on Tik Tok due to a growing music career. His most popular song, "E-girls Are Ruining My Life," has over 7 million views, and his audio has been used in countless Tik Tok videos. While the songs are most definitely explicit, fans have been enjoying having an additional way to enjoy their favorite streamer.


Part of what makes Corpse's music so popular is his super deep voice, which he has claimed is in part due to GERD, a chronic form of acid reflux that can permanently damage one's vocal chords. After suddenly leaving a stream one night, Corpse tweeted, "For those of you who don't know, I'm chronically ill, & have been for years. I'm in pain every single day."

While Corpse hasn't opened up too much about his struggle with GERD and other issues, it's not particularly his responsibility to invite fans into his private life and his medical history. After being pressed on his symptoms by fans, Corpse tweeted that he has nerve pain, but can't go to physical therapy due to COVID restrictions.

Corpse Husband has a complicated family life

Despite the great lengths Corpse Husband goes to keep himself and his family out of the spotlight in the real world, he has opened up about some details of his life. It seems that others in his family have struggled with illnesses, and he may have distant or strained relationships with some of them.


During one live stream, Corpse Husband revealed that his mom battled cancer while dealing he dealt with his own chronic illnesses. Corpse Husband learned about his mother's struggles with the deadly disease while a case of fibromyalgia immobilized him. He said, "I found out my mom had cancer, and we don't really talk much, so she had had it for a bit, and ... so I'm in a double-arm brace in my bed, not talking to anybody, not able to move ... and it really set me off. And I didn't know what to do." Thankfully, she underwent treatment and is now cancer-free.

Corpse Husband has also mentioned that he has a younger sister, although he doesn't "get to hang out with her much."

His voice has gotten him recognized in public

Due to his illness and a general aversion to the outside world, as highlighted in his song "Agoraphobic," Corpse Husband avoids leaving his home. His secrecy regarding his true identity extends to his personal life as well. He keeps his YouTube alias private from his connections in the real world to avoid photos of his face leaking online. In fact, Corpse Husband even said that his commitment to remaining anonymous has "eviscerated" his social life.


Despite all of the precautions Corpse Husband has taken to ensure that he can keep his real identity separate from his YouTube channel, his distinctive voice has given him away before. In one Among Us stream, he said, "No one recognizes me or anything. I did ... I don't know if I should talk about this. I did get recognized for my voice in person the other day. In a [expletive] drive-thru. I won't say anything more than that, but it was scary."

Corpse Husband has mentioned that he may give up streaming altogether, which might help him retain his anonymity. However, his desire to continue a music career could be in opposition to that.

Why should I care?

As the internet presence of streamers continues to grow, YouTubers like Corpse become an increasingly important part of the cultural conversation surrounding gaming and the Internet. By refusing to reveal his face online, Corpse has also contributed to the continuing exploration of the fickleness of the fans in who they adore online.


Earlier in 2020, Corpse was almost cancelled in October when he quoted a slur while reading a story sent in from a listener. However, after a heartfelt apology, it seemed like Corpse managed to swerve away from the sometimes toxic world of cancel culture online. Anytime someone rises to popularity quickly, people may take notice and seek to find faults, and the faceless Corpse Husband is an interesting study of that phenomenon.

While Corpse definitely isn't planning on revealing his identity any time soon, curious fans can make do with his hand reveal from earlier this year.