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These Are The Best Pets In Sea Of Thieves

There's much to do in Sea of Thieves, Rare's surprisingly popular 2018 open-world pirate adventure Sea of Thieves. While the main goal is to become a Pirate Legend, which involves getting to level 50 at every Trading Company, Sea of Thieves is fairly open-ended, which means players get to decide what they want to do, instead of being guided by a main story. This can be overwhelming for some; luckily players can get pets to be their sea-worthy companions. 


The pets expansion was released as part of the Sept. 2019 content update, Smuggler's Fortune. The initial update included Monkeys and Parrots, while the Seabound Soul update added the Marmoset and Cockatoo. The Ships of Fortune update added cats: Ragamuffin, Mau, and Wildcat, while the last pets came with the Vaults of the Ancients update, adding three species of dogs: Alsatians, Whippets, and Inus. Players can purchase pets from the in-game Pirate Emporium using Ancient Coins, which can be bought for real money or acquired in drops from Ancient Skeletons.

So, which pets are the best in Sea of Thieves?

Shiba Inu

According to Sea of Thieves, Inus are "big, bouncy bundles of fun, but take days to dry out after a swim." There are five variants on the original Inu: chocolate, coral, cotton boll, mudraker, and smoky. Players can dress up Inus in any of the outfits available for dogs, such as the bilge rat, bone crusher, ghost, kraken, pirate legend, and sovereign outfits.


Outside of the game, Shiba Inus are a breed of hunting dog originating in Japan. They are similar to cats in that they are clean and quiet, but they are wary of strangers and make good guard dogs. According to DogTime, "The Shiba Inu is highly intelligent, but he doesn't necessarily want to do what you want him to do."

This might make the Inu a strange choice for a pirate dog, where being a pirate means constantly taking orders from the captain. However, Inus are also super possessive, so they'll do their best to help their pirate companion hoard all that treasure.


The Ragamuffin is a scruffy looking cat companion that, according to Sea of Thieves, will "eat anything that falls on the deck." Just like the Inus, there are five variations on the Ragamuffin: bandit, calico, driftwood, patchwork, and tawny. The Ragamuffin can also be dressed in clothes, which are similar to the dog outfits: bilge rat, bone crusher, ghost, kraken, pirate legend, and sovereign.


In reality, the Ragamuffin is a large, densely furred breed of cat that is "even tempered...an ideal companion for those in apartments...plush, soft, and silky," according to HillsPet.

The Ragamuffin gets its origins from the Ragdoll breed, a placid cat breed that goes limp when you hold it, hence the name. The Ragdoll came about in the 1960s, and for a while breeders disagreed on where they wanted to go with the breed. This disagreement resulted in the Ragamuffin, which could look exactly like the Ragdoll in coloring or not, depending on the breeder. The Ragamuffin is stocky, sturdy, and deals rather well with changes in routine; perfect for a chaotic life at sea.


The Parakeet is a "cheeky, nimble parrot that likes to preen," according to Sea of Thieves' in-game description. There are five variants of the Parakeet as well: blue moon, blue water, grey wing, palm grove, and sun kissed. Just like the dog and cat breeds, the Parakeet can also wear clothes, having many more outfits than the others, including admiral, banana, festival of giving, lunar festival, outfit of plenty, rose, and sea dog outfits.


Parakeets are also called budgies, and they have a complex communication system to connect with people and other birds. They talk, sing, or mimic when they are happy; scream or bite when they feel threatened or afraid; and, strangely, regurgitate their food to show affection.

Birds are usually very emotional and bond with their human companions, and in general also like shiny objects, so a Parakeet would be a great addition to a pirate crew on the hunt for treasure.