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Hunt: Showdown And Crysis Developer Might Have A New Game On The Way

Crytek, the development studio behind Hunt: Showdown and Crysis, seems to have a brand new project up its sleeve. Very little is known about Crytek's plan for upcoming games, but several new job listings from Crytek seem to suggest that fans may be looking at a AAA sandbox title. Among the open positions are Game Designer, Development Director, and Gameplay Programmer.

Several open positions recently appeared on Crytek's Career page. The company is looking for people to work on an "Unannounced AAA" project in Crytek's Frankfurt, Germany based studio. Crytek is hoping to fill a Game Designer role, which calls for a "passionate and experienced" designer with at least one "shipped AAA" title under their belt, preferably in the first-person shooter genre. While few details are included about the project itself, the listing does ask for the designer to have a passion for gaming, "preferably FPS sandbox games." Nine other roles mention the unannounced project: Art Director, Level Designer, Senior Game Designer, Senior System Designer, System Designer, Technical Designer, Development Director, Technical Director, and Gameplay Programmer.

Of course, the nature of the project in question is entirely up to speculation at this point. However, Crytek's specific search for someone with sandbox game experience suggests that whatever the title may be, it will feature an open world where player creativity and freedom play a huge role. Interestingly, Crytek's flagship IP, Crysis, revolved around this sandbox style in the original game before the franchise moved to more linear gameplay. A remake of the title, Crysis Remastered, was just released last year, so now may just be the perfect time for the series to return to its sandbox roots if Crytek is working on a Crysis 4.

The job listings come just two months after a mysterious, albeit unconfirmed, leak of alleged Crytek projects on Reddit. As user ContributorX_PJ64 noted in the post, it's not clear what the status of these projects is (pitched, in development, canceled, etc.), but "they did exist at some point." The titles included Crysis Next, Crysis VR, Hunt Mobile, Ryse Next, and Robinson 2. Crysis Next in particular seems to fit a sandbox style, considering this battle royale game was said to feature "visual customization ... in an immersive world" where hundreds of players engage in combat. 

While Crtytek's online multiplayer PVP/PVE title, Hunt: Showdown, is still alive and well, the leak also suggested that a mobile version may be on its way. This could also fit the mysterious new AAA project, but Crytek's Career page already features separate job listings for Hunt: Showdown.

There's no telling at this point if Crytek is adding to one of its existing franchises or perhaps building an entirely new title, so fans should keep their eyes peeled for other mysterious hints.