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What To Expect From Genshin Impact's Lost Riches Event

Following the release of a new area and a two-week event to go alongside with it, miHoYo is still churning out new content for Genshin Impact. The next in-game event, titled "Lost Riches," will have players hunting for treasure all across Teyvat. The event is set to come out on Jan. 8 and last until Jan 18. In order to access it, players must be at least Adventure Rank 20 and have the first act of the game's prologue completed.

During the Lost Riches event, the player will receive a quest to meet up with an NPC named Ulman. After speaking with Ulman, the player receives a Treasure Book along with the event exclusive, a Treasure-Seeking Seelie. The player will then use the book to find the general location of where treasure may be hidden, and with the help of their Seelie partner, they can find the reward. Players who uncover the treasure will be given Iron Coins, which can be exchanged in the event shop for a variety of rewards. One of these treats includes a Mini Seelie gadget the player can presumably keep after the event is over.

For those who may not know, in Genshin Impact, Seelies are small, ethereal creatures that the player can find roaming in the overworld. When one of these life-forms is approached, it will start to lead the player in a specific direction. The Seelie will eventually guide the player to a small, torch-like statue, where it will rest and reveal a treasure box for players to loot.

Prior to the event, a report from Gamerant stated that miHoYo had plans to unveil pets in the game's 1.2 update. The pets were reported to be these Mini Seelies that can be obtained during the event. According to the event's details, there are three Mini Seelies the player can choose from: Dayflower, Rosé, and Curcuma. It's currently unknown what exactly these creatures can do, but seeing as their overworld counterparts act as guides toward treasure, perhaps they, too, will offer a similar functionality. It should also be noted that the player can only exchange for one of the three Mini Seelies. Once the player picks one, the other two will no longer be available to obtain.

In addition to these new Seelie partners, players will also earn Primogems for completing certain treasure areas. With the current event banner coming to a close, players can expect a new banner to spend their Primogems on. Based on the timing of the event and miHoYo's recent promotion of the half-goat, half-human character Ganyu, it's more than likely that she will be featured in the next banner. So with the possibility of a new character getting released, this upcoming event is an excellent opportunity for players to stock up on Primogems.