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The Klee Fan Theory That Has Genshin Impact Players Talking

With such a large world to explore and a ton of characters to interact with, Genshin Impact is filled with a ton of rich in-game lore. Many of the game's main quests touch on a variety of world-building elements regarding the history of Teyvat and the divine Archons that rule over the continent. On top of all of this background, the development team at miHoYo put the same level of effort into the inhabitants of Teyvat, breathing life into a fun and interesting cast of characters.


One of these characters is Klee, a little girl with a knack for blowing things up with her Pyro skills. Klee is one of the youngest playable characters (if you got lucky with the game's gacha mechanics) in the game, sporting a red coat and hat, a small backpack, and elf ears. Klee's ears have sparked a ton of conversation among the Genshin Impact community, with many wondering how she got them. Klee isn't the only character in Genshin Impact with strange ears, but according to a fan theory, there might be a particular reason why her elf-ish ears apply strictly to her.

Klee's appearance might have to do with her mother

Although Klee's in-game backstory doesn't offer any clues behind her ears, a fan theory on Reddit regarding Klee's mother, Alice, might be able to shed some light behind Klee's unique appearance. Upon reading Barbara's Story text inside the game, there will be a section titled "Alice's Idol Magazine." In this little blurb, the player will learn that Alice was the first person to introduce Barbara to idols. Prior to this, Barbara "had no idea what world this magazine had come from," and was intrigued by the concept. This leads many to believe that Alice may very well be from another dimension.


The theory goes on to discuss Alice's accomplishments and travels throughout Teyvat with little regard to Klee. But what's interesting to note is that Alice had Klee at an absurdly late age and she hasn't aged much, further cementing her background as something more mysterious. It's possible that Klee's ears could be an aesthetic choice from miHoYo. But considering her mother could've come from another world, that could very well explain why Klee looks the way she does. On the flip side, the identity of Klee's father is unknown, so he could be equally responsible for Klee's ears.