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This Red Dead Redemption 2 Actor Might Appear In The God Of War Sequel

Roger Clark, the actor who played Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2, started a lot of speculation a few days ago when he posted an Instagram Story that displayed a hiring call from Sony's Santa Monica Studio. Santa Monica Studio is the developer of the God of War series, and many fans are taking the post to mean that Morgan may be taking on the role of Thor in God of War: Ragnarok.


It wouldn't be uncommon for an actor to share such information to help out others within their industry. The shared image, which was then reposted to Twitter by user @GermanStrands, points to a Santa Monica Studio's web page that currently links job listings in programming, art, design, and production. So, the speculation may just be wishful thinking on the part of gamers who admired Clark's previous video game performance and are hoping for top-tier talent in the upcoming God of War game. However, the lack of a caption on the image and his subsequent silence on the topic is making fans wonder if something big is coming between Clark and Santa Monica Studio.

Clark received several Best Performance nominations for his turn as iconic lawman protagonist Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2 and won one of those honors: Best Performance at The Game Awards in 2018. He has said in interviews, such as one with ScreenRant in late 2020, that he had a certain amount of creative control over Morgan's character, which influenced his development within the title. Clark's performance has been credited as one major reason for Red Dead Redemption 2's critical and commercial success.


Of course, even if Clark does have a role in God of War: Ragnarok, it doesn't have to be as Thor himself. Odin, for example, is also expected to appear, and Clark's deep and distinctive voice would work for the Norse father of the gods, too. However, the God of Thunder will clearly have a large role in God of War: Ragnarok. Thor and his hammer appeared in a bonus ending sequence in the previous game, the God of War reboot from 2018, following the killing of Thor's sons Modi and Magni by series hero Kratos and his son Atreus/Loki.

Gamers are eagerly awaiting God of War: Ragnarok, which is due out sometime in 2021 for the PlayStation 5. A brief trailer, with very little information, was shown for the game at Sony's games showcase in September 2020.