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A Surprising Number Of People Are More Excited For God Of War's Sequel Than Halo Infinite

To say that the 2021 video game release schedule is stacked would be an understatement.

As last- and current-gen consoles exist at the same time, a good number of publishers/developers are going out of their way to please owners of those systems with amazing games. Agent 47 fans can look forward to reuniting with the bald assassin in Hitman 3, Capcom is blessing Nintendo Switch owners with Monster Hunter Rise, and Arc System Works fighting game diehards are ready to do battle in Guilty Gear Strive.


As far as new IP's go, major releases such as Hogwarts Legacy and Kena: Bridge of Spirits being prepped to generate fresh fanbases. Gamers certainly have a lot to look forward to once the new year kicks in.

SVG chose to target those excited gaming fans with a survey that asked a simple question: What upcoming video game sequel are you looking forward to the most? And according to the results from that survey, it looks like a whole lot of Kratos fans are way more hyped to see him make a return over a certain Xbox icon.

A huge number of gamers are more hype for Kratos than Master Chief

SVG's survey brought up the following titles: Halo Infinite, Horizon: Forbidden West, the God of War sequel, and Resident Evil Village.

The God of War sequel (subtitled Ragnarok) received an overwhelming amount of votes at 44%. As for Master Chief's return for Halo Infinite, that candidate on the survey ended up garnering 17% percent of the vote. It appears that Kratos' teased confrontation with Thor has more gamers frothing at the mouth than Master Chief's next crusade.


As for the two other titles on SVG's survey, Horizon: Forbidden West got 11% of the vote and Resident Evil Village brought in 15%. The "Other" portion of the survey got itself 13% of the vote, with commenters bringing up other upcoming sequels like Breath of the Wild 2 and the second installment of Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Here's hoping that no major delays keep Kratos' massive fan club from battling with the gods in 2021.