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Everything We Know About League Of Legends' Viego, The Ruined King

For years, League of Legends players have been enraptured by the lore of the Ruined King. There are multiple characters that have directly tied in to this storyline, including Lucian and Senna, along with in-game items like Blade of the Ruined King.


With the start of 2021, Riot is now bringing the Ruined King himself to the rift. Enter Viego, League's next jungler that's here to shake the game up.

You can finally watch Viego's cinematic reveal trailer, which Riot is also calling the "Season 2021 Cinematic." Here, fans can see champions across the League universe involved including Lucian and Senna, and Darius is even seen being possessed by Viego himself.

As always, the video shows off a variety of abilities and champion relations within the video. In the newest 2021 Champions Dev Video from Riot, it's announced that Viego's intended lane is the jungle. The speaker, Ryan Mireles, also talks about bringing three more champions that tie into Viego's story after his release: an artillery mage, an AP damage fighter, and a marksman who doesn't fall into the bot lane position.


Viego's Release Date: PBE and Everyone

For every non-Public Beta Environment server, the Ruined King is coming with patch 11.2, which will release before the end of January. Because of the typical patch schedule for League of Legends, it wouldn't be too much of a surprise to see the patch release Jan. 21.


It's not unusual for Riot to push back releases though, so that's a tentative date. However, his patch date is stated on League of Legends' official abilities page for the Ruined King, so it seems fairly certain that he'll show up as expected.

There's not an official date for his PBE release yet, but Viego's files have already been found in PBE servers. Twitter user PixelButts revealed as much in a series of tweets posted on Jan. 7.

With Riot noting that he's coming to regular servers with patch 11.2, fans shouldn't have to wait too long before he makes his way to the beta server.

Viego's Abilities: A Full Breakdown

Let's jump into Viego's abilities, which Riot recently revealed.

His passive ability allows Viego to possess the bodies of those he kills, granting him full usage of their items and abilities (with the exception of their ultimate). This also heals Viego for a percentage of their max health.


Viego's Q lets Viego dash forward, hitting enemies along the way with his sword. This ability also has a passive that deals a percentage of the enemies health as additional damage while healing Viego to attack them twice at once if they were hit with his ability. Viego's W is a chargeable dash that releases a mist that deals damage and stuns the first enemy it comes in contact with. Viego's E ability, creates a mist around any wall. While in the mist, Viego is camouflaged and has increased attack and movement speed.

Viego's ultimate ability is only usable once he's possessing an enemy, and it allows him to come out of the possessed body by teleporting forward. The enemy in range with the lowest health is attacked while other enemies are knocked away, dealing additional damage based on how much health the enemy is missing.