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The Mind Blowing Breath Of The Wild Snipe Shot You Won't Want To Miss

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been out on Switch since Mar. 3, 2017, and it is still considered one of the best open-world games ever. But the game's and unique physics, not to mention its glitches, have given players plenty of new things to see and do since then. One Breath of the Wild player has pulled off an extremely long-range trick shot that would be impressive in any game, period.


The player's name is Neko, and they're quite the Breath of the Wild trick shot artist. But this is apparently the first Zelda trick shot they've posted that also managed to calculate the exact distance the shot traveled. That's not easy to do, since the game doesn't track that automatically.

The video begins with Neko jumping off the top of the Temple of Time, pausing in midair with the Shield Surf technique, and firing an Ancient Arrow into the distance. The target is so far away that it can't even be seen. Neko then uses the game's "bullet time bounce" glitch to head stomp an enemy at the base of the tower and launch Link across Hyrule's landscape. As Neko glides across the sky with the paraglider, they actually are able to track the Ancient Arrow towards its destination. Finally, more than 30 seconds after it was fired, the arrow lands on a Guardian and demolishes it. The incredible shot traveled an in-game distance of 1400 meters — nearly 200 meters short of a mile.


How Neko arrived at that precise number is almost as impressive as the shot itself. As they explained in the video, Neko first acquired the Flying Machine from the Bird Many Researcher on top of Ridgeland Tower. This device calculates the distance that Link travels via paraglider, but it can be transported to different locations in the game. Neko brought the machine to the Temple of Time and jumped off it. Since paragliding alone wouldn't have been enough to travel the 1400 m., Neko used the Moon Jump exploit to paraglide along the ground without touching it until they reached their destination. All that was left to do was replicate Link's flight with an Ancient Arrow.

Breath of the Wild trick shots are nothing new, but Neko's exploit stands alone, and it should give competitive trick shot artists and Zelda diehards something to aim for while they wait for the sequel. Breath of the Wild 2 was confirmed at E3 2019 and production is underway, but its release window hasn't been clarified any further. But based on videos like this, the first Breath of the Wild still has plenty of fun to offer until then.