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The Secret Ending You Probably Didn't See In Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Secret endings are divisive among gamers. On the one hand, they're rewarding to find. A secret ending is basically a big Easter egg, which is fun, but sometimes, they can even change a game's ending entirely. On the other hand, sometimes secret endings are hidden a little too well. Unlocking them might require several elaborate steps that no reasonable player would ever discover without looking it up online first. Sometimes, it's just not worth the hassle


But one secret ending that is worth all the extra steps is from Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, the PSP Metal Gear title that launched in 2010 and then was bundled in the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection released in 2012 on PS3 and Xbox 360. The game is set in 1974 after the events of Snake Eater, as Big Boss tries to set up a mecha-based mercenary army in Costa Rica. As the game progresses, and the player builds up their Metal Gear ZEKE mecha prototype, they'll need to complete several tasks to unlock the secret ending. Once they do, it flips the game's story entirely on its head. 

How to unlock Peace Walker's secret ending

First, you'll need to collect all five of the necessary parts for Metal Gear ZEKE, a mech that can launch nukes. Most important is the rail gun, which can be obtained by defeating the Chrysalis boss.

Then, you'll need to meet several conditions: Your Intel Team should be at least level 40, and you need to have completed the plant for your second Mother Base. You'll also need to complete several "Zadornov Search Missions," in which you track down a KGB spy who's escaped from your base. If all the conditions are met, Kaz will tell you that Zadornov has escaped again, but this time his location is unknown. Simply head to the location for Extra Op 001, which is the firing range, and he'll be there.


Finding Zadornov unlocks a boss fight with your own ZEKE mech. The ZEKE is fast and tough, but you can use the level's two support panels to both launch missile strikes at the ZEKE and deliver ammo and supplies. 

Defeat ZEKE and unlock Big Boss' final speech, in which he lays out his vision for the Outer Heaven mercenary army that will protect the downtrodden.