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Hitman 3: How To Complete The Treacherous Architecture Achievement

Hitman 3 is finally out, and initial reviews look great. The newest installment in the series even departs from the typical Hitman formula by incorporating a murder mystery that requires deductive reasoning instead of assassination skills. Dedicated fans of the series who want to nab every trophy in Hitman 3 might need to get some help earning one assassination milestone, the Treacherous Architecture achievement.


The Treacherous Architecture achievement is obtained during an early stage in the game, set in Dubai. The mission, titled "On Top of the World," tasks Agent 47 with annihilating Carl Ingram and Marcus Stuyvesant, two partners of Providence, a secret organization that controls world events. However, how Agent 47 goes about his mission determines what sort of trophies players earn, and one in particular requires a very specific (and exciting) way of doing things. 

Players can earn the Treacherous Architecture achievement by murdering Ingram with his oil rig model and pushing Stuyvesant over a rail, sending him plummeting to his death below. In other words, both men must be killed while they're falling through the air.


How do I get the achievement?

First, begin by completing the (In)Security objective, picking up an event security disguise on the way. After meeting Stuyvesant, he'll ask the disguised Agent 47 to throw some knives at a target. If the player manages to hit all the targets, Stuyvesant privately congratulates them, giving Agent 47 a chance to bump him off the side of the building.


Ingram is more of a challenge, as players have to make it through the Bird of Prey mission in order to pick up Zana Kazem's clothes, which does require killing him. Once players finally meet Ingram, he asks them to embark on a wild task. Agent 47, disguised, must kill a reporter in order to "prove himself." Thankfully, players don't actually have to kill him, just present a picture of the reporter's unconscious body. That earns a second meeting with the Providence associate, this time inside a room with a giant oil rig model. How to assassinate him is pretty straightforward from there.

Is the achievement worth it?

In short, yes. Accomplishing the Treacherous Architecture achievement feels rewarding and creative, allowing players to navigate a difficult part of the game with style. Earning achievements is part of the fun of Hitman. The game itself is relatively short, and a playthrough of Hitman 3 should only take about 8-10 hours. That being said, fans will want to replay certain missions to figure out inventive ways to complete each level.


For instance, a guide at Gosunoob notes an alternate way to kill both men while they fall through the air: Agent 47 can ruin the men's parachutes, then order an evacuation of the building, leaving them to plummet through the air and to their deaths.

Longtime players of Hitman games know that levels are meant to be played and replayed in order to find the funniest, wildest ways to assassinate targets. It might take a few tries to get the Treacherous Architecture achievement, but the careful planning required is ultimately worth it and necessary, especially if players are attempting to unlock every achievement in the game.