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How Long Does It Take To Beat Hitman 3?

The year has barely started, but 2021 is already about to get one of its most anticipated games when Hitman 3 launches on Jan. 20. When it does, Hitman 3 will conclude the World Assassination Trilogy reboot of the series that began in 2016, and will also be the eighth full game in a series that dates back to 2000. Agent 47 has racked up an impressive body count over the years. But will Hitman 3 live up to its predecessors?


So far, early reviews for Hitman 3 have been mostly positive. Many reviewers have noted that Hitman 3 departs from earlier titles in the series by focusing on story and character.

If that sounds enticing, your next question might be to ask how long it takes to beat Hitman 3. Per GameSpot, each mission takes at least 45 minutes to an hour, and the game should take about 8-10 hours total. Since the launch version of the game will include six different locations, 8-10 hours is actually on the longer side for a straightforward playthrough. However, most players will probably spend much more than ten hours.

The length of 47's last hurrah is up to you

Like the previous two titles, Hitman 3 is designed to be highly replayable and iO is bringing back many game modes that add even more ways to explore the game, like Mission Stories and Escalation Contracts.


iO has also added new features to add even more replayability, like persistent shortcuts. After unlocking certain shortcuts, such as doors and fire escapes, the game will keep them unlocked to save you time on future playthroughs. Agent 47 will also have a brand new multi-function camera tool that allows even more tactical possibilities. GameSpew has estimated that unlocking all of the different paths and difficulty levels can ratchet up the playthrough time to well over 30 hours.

Bottom line: 8-10 hours is the bare minimum to beat Hitman 3 but you can easily spend much more time. 

Hitman 3 launches Jan. 20 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, Stadia, Nintendo Switch, and PC.