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xQc Goes Off On 'Sad' Donations

Felix Lengyel, better known as xQc on Twitch, has a bit of a reputation. After all, he has pulled some pretty shady moves throughout his career. During a recent stream, however, xQc spoke at length about a subject that may show a small bit of humanity.

At this point, viewers expect xQc to share his opinions fervently and without a filter. However, his thought process, in this case, might surprise you. In a rather charged speech, xQc expressed his frustration over receiving an excessive amount of donations with sad messages attached to them. His problem was not with people sharing their emotional turmoil, which he explained was okay with him. Instead, xQc said that it was not okay when "there's too many of them that are stacked." In other words, the streamer felt frustrated after receiving a large number of negative messages in a row. He went on to describe how it impacts his streams. According to xQc, "all energy goes down" when he receives a rush of sad messages.

At face value, this may seem cold, but he further elaborated why these messages bothered him. He explained that "[he feels] bad for the people that are having tough times legitimately," but he believes that a "wave" of sad messages are burying those cries for help. It seems that xQc's real issue may be with spammers inundating him with falsely sorrowful donation notes.

He essentially felt that too many sad messages diluted the impact and meaning for those who need an outlet the most. It also seems to be an uncharacteristically sincere moment for the streamer who is known for career-ruining acts. There's no denying he has done some unforgivable things in the past, but is it possible for people to change and try to be better?

Over on Reddit, his fans have expressed some bewilderment over such gestures from donors. One Redditor posed the question, "Why would anyone want to donate some sad message to xqc of all people?" A user in the comments suggested, "I bet most people who donate those kinds of messages are new people who haven't realized that chat doesnt [sic] care."

A more recent thread responding to the clip in question has users defending xQc but more so to his point of the messages bringing down the mood. While it doesn't seem like that was his only problem with the messages, it's possible that he wants his viewers who are enduring hurt or trauma to enjoy his streams as a positive form of escape.