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Here's Where You'll Find The Dragon's Breath Exotic Sniper In Fortnite Season 5

How the times change! Once upon a time, Fortnite's Battle Royale mode was all about scavenging for weapons in chests and crates that fell from the sky. There were no NPCs to talk to, nor were there quests to complete for yet another currency in the game. But Fortnite has really changed up its formula, adding some of those previously missing elements to freshen things up a bit. You'll have to make use of both some special quests, a new currency, and an NPC vendor in order to acquire Chapter 2, Season 5's hottest sniper rifle, Dragon's Breath.


Dragon's Breath is as beastly a weapon as it looks, and the location you find it in will undoubtedly be crawling with enemies who also want to improve their odds by picking it up. But before you can peer into the scope of this nasty bugger, you'll first need to complete some other steps. Below, you'll find out what those steps are.

Get a bunch of gold bars

So you want to use the Dragon's Breath in a Fortnite match, huh? The weapon is quite worthy of your lust, but you can't just pluck it from a chest or find it hidden in the world somewhere. You see, this weapon has to be purchased from a vendor who spawns on the map. And the currency you'll need to pay that vendor is Gold Bars. You will need those.


How do you acquire Gold Bars? One way is to complete bounties from NPCs in the game, according to Eurogamer. These bounties will ask you to complete various tasks during matches, and once you knock those out, you'll get some Gold Bars for your troubles. You can also nab some Gold Bars from random chests, but that is more of a crapshoot. The most efficient way to build up your bank of Gold Bars is to do bounties. Do a lot of those — enough to rack up 1,213 Gold Bars — and this step is complete.

Find Blaze ... if you can

Once you have enough Gold Bars to purchase Dragon's Breath, you'll need to load into a Fortnite match and locate the vendor who sells it. This vendor goes by the name of Blaze, and — unfortunately for you — can spawn in one of two locations. Dexerto wrote that Blaze can be found by either Pristine Point or Timber Tent. If you drop to one of those locations and Blaze isn't there, you'll have to travel all the way to the other spot (if you have time).


Once you locate Blaze, head over to them, and you'll be able to open a small menu with a few different options. At the top of the menu, you'll see the Dragon's Breath there, and you'll have the ability to purchase one for your 1,213 Gold Bars. Bear in mind: You won't get to automatically use Dragon's Breath forever once you purchase it during a match. This is a one-time thing. At the very least, your Gold Bars do carry over from match to match. So if you're not able to find Blaze during one go-round, you may get luckier on your next attempt.