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What Dr Disrespect Really Looks Like Without Hair

Dr Disrespect is quite the showman. He might be a skilled gamer, but he also knows how to attract a crowd thanks to his bombastic attitude (based on one of Jean Claude Van Damme's movie roles) and signature mullet. Recently, Dr Disrespect answered the age-old question of which is more important: looks or your outlook on life.

To celebrate the release of Hitman 3 (which has received generally positive reviews), Dr Disrespect strode into his stream, proclaiming he would play the game on its hardest difficulty and make it look easy. But more importantly, he was completely bald to copy the hairstyle, or lack thereof, of Hitman's Agent 47. Usually, Dr Disrespect goes above and beyond for his video intros — take the times he streamed Cyberpunk 2077 and Valorant as examples — but this time, he went the "less is more" route with some simple hair-centric cosplay. However, that was as far as Dr Disrespect went since he still wore his trademark vest, mustache, and glasses. He didn't even bother tattooing the back of his head with Agent 47's barcode.

Of course, Dr Disrespect streamed the entire game in one 10-hour sitting, but he didn't live up to his claim of "making it look easy" — he basically died right out of the gate since Hitman is unlike Dr Disrespect's usual fare. Then again, he didn't shave his head, either. Dr Disrespect just wore a bald cap and hid his hair under it, so those of you who love his mullet will get to see it again next stream. But, even if he had shaved, his mullet is nothing more than a wig, so Dr Disrespect's full head of (fake) hair isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

The stream was quite the learning experience for Dr Disrespect, since it was his first time swapping hairstyles on camera. Moreover, it was also his first time playing any Hitman game, so he went in blind. He had no prior knowledge of the game's story or mechanics, yet he powered on through and eventually came out on top — as usual.

Perhaps the next time he plays a Hitman game, Dr Disrespect will opt for a more complete cosplay, or maybe he will try more costumes whenever he streams anticipated blockbuster titles? Either way, audiences now have a solid idea of what Dr Disrespect looks like without hair, and he's just as larger-than-life without his fake Samson locks as he is with them.