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The Hidden Symbol In Fortnite That Caused Controversy

A variety of gaming franchises, large and small, have had their fair share of hiccups. The massively popular battle royale title, Fortnite, is no exception to this rule, and it's seen plenty of controversies. Over the years, Fortnite has been plagued with a variety of different scandals. Being one of the largest franchises in the industry comes with a lot of responsibility, and Epic Games definitely has its hands full with Fortnite.


For the most part, Epic Games has a history of making efforts to remedy any sticky situation Fortnite landed in. However, no matter how much the company may try to sweep things under the rug, there will always be a handful of players that will never forget a particular screw up. In the case of this specific situation, Epic Games would find itself in the middle of a anti-semitic scandal. And much to the company's dismay, it's forever immortalized on Reddit.

The unintentional graphical issue that sparked outrage

One of the best features that Fortnite offers the player is the ability to create different kinds of architecture. While it's nowhere near the scale of Minecraft, a variety of players have created some incredible structures that have gotten a ton of recognition. However, this feature inadvertently came with problems that were accidentally discovered and posted by a player on Reddit. The user explained that while they were using this feature to build a dancefloor, they discovered that placing panels on the floor in a certain pattern would cause a swastika to appear.


Needless to say, this graphical error received a ton of negative attention in the Reddit thread. However, Fortnite developers quickly addressed the problem. During an interview with The Verge, a rep from Epic Games said that the symbol "was unintended" and would be fixed "by adjusting the metal piece art" in an update. 

Thankfully this issue was resolved within a week, and the current game has no sign of this symbol at all. It wasn't Fortnite's most shining moment, but at least it was quickly remedied before any further harm could be done.