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The Small Detail You Missed In The Apex Legends Season 8 Launch Trailer

Season 8 of Apex Legends is due Feb. 2, according to Respawn Entertainment, and the developer just released a new launch trailer that showcases the arrival of the newest Legend, Fuse. The trailer explains how Kings Canyon, the game's initial map, gets changed up for the third time upon Fuse's entrance, as teased on the official web page. It also shows off Fuse's new weapon, the lever-action rifle known as the 30-30 Repeater.


The trailer shows Fuse making a grand entrance to the Apex Games, and the event includes a huge ship with music and fireworks and a big crowd of admirers. Then, a voice from the ship announces over an intercom that it's going to give the fans a show, and starts firing on the civilians. Fuse saves them, eventually, but not before the instigator — his enemy, "Mad" Maggie — destroys the mountains and crashes the ship into the island. However, there's one detail that you might have missed in all the mayhem that occurs on screen during the course of the trailer, which recalls Apex Legends' origins in a way that fans in the know will love. 

This little detail exhibits Fuse's personality, while also giving fans of Titanfall 2 a shout-out. As Fuse is trying to take down the ship, he pulls the MRVN unit that's manning the control area down behind the panel for safety. Then, after Maggie's show-stopping attack on the rock formations, he grabs the MRVN, puts him over his shoulder, and runs. The fact that he saved the robot as well as the humans seems to indicate that he's got a personal moral compass that makes him appealing to players.


Additionally, it's a reference to the way MRVNs were utilized in the Titanfall universe, in which Apex Legends takes place. In Titanfall 2, the non-player service bots showed some level of rudimentary emotion and were capable of becoming more intelligent and responsible, as with Pathfinder, who is actually a self-aware version of a MRVN. Until now, the only other MRVN that has shown up recently in Apex Legends was an inactive Easter egg. It's one additional connection between the games, which have been popping up more and more over the months for savvy fans.

It remains to be seen if the MRVNs become more of a presence in Apex Legends, and what role they might play. Players may get to find out soon, since the first major content update of the year is imminent. Along with the reveals already listed, the title's new season will also feature a new battle pass, a new ranked season, and the usual upgrades designed to balance and tweak the game, such as a damage tracker