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This Feature Is Finally Coming To Apex Legends In Season 8

Apex Legends Season 8 is on its way in just a few weeks, and it's slated to bring one highly-requested feature, as well as a new character and new nerfs. Respawn Entertainment design director Jason McCord confirmed this week that a damage tracker will be available for use mid-game to show players the damage they've done so far.


On Twitter, an Apex Legends fan publicly reached out to McCord to ask for the implementation of a damage tracker. "Like maybe you could toggle a setting to show damage?" the person asked. At first, McCord replied that players only had to wait one more week, but then clarified that the feature didn't make it into the next update patch. However, McCord said that a damage tracker "should" be in Season 8.

McCord did not clarify what the damage tracker will look like, but perhaps it will appear in the top right corner of the screen alongside the mid-game kill and assist statistics. As players know, statistics for kills and damage done already appear at the end of each match, but there's currently nothing to track during the matches themselves. It may also be worth it for Respawn to make the feature optional, as one user replied that a damage tracker would make them "too anxious" during the match.


A damage tracker in Apex Legends has been talked about for a few months, but it was never clear when the feature would be added until now. Back in October, Twitter user Monsins_ asked McCord if there could be a "damage meter" added to see damage in real time, and McCord said it was "on a list."

Apex Legends is currently deep into Season 7, which introduced the popular new character Horizon. Not much is known about Season 8 at this time, but there is a good chance that a new character may be on their way.

Apex Legends recently debuted a new Stories from the Outlands short entitled "Fight Night," which dove into the backstory of the clumsy, optimistic and dangerous robot named Pathfinder. In addition, the video explored ex-cop Victor Maldera's hunt for Alexander Nox, the assumed-dead scientist who Maldera believed started a fire in Humbert Labs and escaped. The short may simply be an opportunity to share a new Apex Legends story, but it also has the potential to link to future content regarding Pathfinder's purpose, perhaps in Season 8.