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Hilarious The Last Of Us Glitch Makes Ellie Slap Happy

She's got guns, she's got knives, she's got...her hands? The Last of Us players are cracking up over a glitch shared by Reddit user Straydes that lets Ellie take down her enemies with nothing but a slap.


The 65-second clip Straydes shared with fans in The Last of Us subreddit starts out normally enough, though the caption clues viewers in on the fact that something funny is ahead: "The Last of Us Horse Glitch (Wonky camera control because my dad was playing. He got this glitch and I took over after he got it) Sorry if you've seen this glitch before, I haven't," writes Straydes.

It's the ninth chapter of the game, Lakeside Resort, and Ellie's trying to escape a horde of enemies, as she so often does, on horseback. About 15 seconds into the video, Ellie runs into an enemy and is flung off her trusty steed Callus. Ironically, the should-be sinister villains Ellie proceeds to fight with her bare hands seem more zombie-like than some of the game's infected. By the time Ellie's within fighting range, they're mulling around slowly, all sense of urgency lost.


Forty seconds in comes the moment we've all been waiting for: the first slap. All it takes is a few smacks for the first of Ellie's enemies to reach his demise. And with all due respect, it's hysterical.

Though it's unclear exactly how this glitch is triggered, it's likely that Ellie's enemies don't attack her because she's supposed to be on Callus. Falling off the horse causes the NPCs to stumble about aimlessly, and apparently makes Ellie's knife vanish, making it look like she's just smacking the bad guys around with an open palm. According to Straydes, it's possible to proceed with the game as normal after the glitch, so don't worry about breaking the game with this unintentional bit of hilarity.

Fellow The Last of Us players got a kick out of this newfound slapstick comedy. Redditor handstanding commented, "I can't stop laughing at her slapping these guys to death." Taking a similarly playful jab, Redditor Aucielis wrote, "Ellie's gotten S T R O N G." Perhaps funniest of all was a comment from Redditor Zinioss: "Why do dads always have wonky camera control?" The ultimate dad joke. Fans of Ellie and Joe's story may not have a new Naughty Dog game (yet!), but it's clear the old games still have new surprises.


The Last of Us may not usually be your first choice for a good laugh (it's not called The Laughed of Us, after all), but if you're still crying over The Last of Us Part 2, playing through this giggle-worthy glitch might be just what you need to lift your spirits. So, when you're ready for some serious chuckles, play through Lakeside Resort, try to jump off your horse, and get slap happy with Ellie.