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PewDiePie Teases A Big Reveal On Return To YouTube

YouTuber and streamer Felix "PewDiePie" Kjeliberg surprised fans by teasing his return to YouTube after a brief hiatus. This isn't the first time the streamer has taken a break from the internet, but fans have missed him all the same.

In a recent livestream, just as he passed the four-hour mark, Kjeliberg sighed and, after a long pause, said he's going to take a break from streaming, at least for a few days. One fan commented, "He really deserves this break, you could see in the end that he's exhausted and his mind had just become numb. Lots of love Felix! Rest well!" Other fans provided their support as well, through jokes and well wishes. Some even checked back in to share how much they missed their favorite streamer.

About two weeks after his announcement, Kjeliberg hinted at his return to streaming with an Instagram Story. In the now-expired post, Kjeliberg said, "Gamers, the long awaited return will happen on the 23rd this month. Big reveal. Be there." Kjeliberg used a Minecraft filter in the video to make himself look  like a character from the popular crafting game. Though he didn't specifically describe the details of his comeback, the filter may hint at a return of his Minecraft video series. It may also have something to do with maintaining his position at the top of YouTube's most-subscribed channels.

In June 2020, Kjeliberg released a video discussing CocoMelon, a children's YouTube channel that regularly receives billions of views, beating out PewDiePie's massive viewership. One fan commented that they're "waiting patiently for a nursery rhyme diss track" which would theoretically increase views on PewDiePie's channel and help him overtake CocoMelon. Considering that the streamer has released songs in the past, a diss track isn't completely out of the question.

Though Kjeliberg has claimed to retire in the past, he has always returned to his fans, even if it's in a more relaxed space. In the past few years, he has emphasized the importance of mental health maintenance by providing his subscribers with information about what helps him refresh his own mental health. In one 2018 post, Kjeliberg opened up about the struggles of working in what many would consider a luxurious setting, citing depression and addiction to fame as major drawbacks of the online entertainment industry. Earlier this month, Kjeliberg announced the return of his monthly book club, which he states brings him a greater sense of wellbeing. 

Hopefully, Kjeliberg feels refreshed after his break, and can continue into 2021 with a new outlook. Who knows, maybe he just needed some time off to sort out his recent business affairs. Either way, fans all will be revealed on January 23.