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PewDiePie Responds To Minecraft Series Uproar

PewDiePie recently bummed out many of his fans when he announced that he was ending his long-running Minecraft series. For the last year, PewDiePie has built quite a bizarre mythology around his Minecraft world, called Bro World. He's populated it with several animal pals, some of whom have gone on to be part of a bizarre narrative all on their own. However, all good things must come to an end, and so Pewds told fans in a recent video that his Minecraft days are over. 


Near the beginning of the video, PewDiePie explained that he had heard from some fans that his Minecraft content had become somewhat "dry," and that he agreed with that assessment. It makes sense that Pewds would want to mix things up a bit to keep his channel from being stale. 

However, many fans expressed their disappointment in this news. In response, PewDiePie read several viewer comments and memes in another video and responded to them in his usual goofy fashion.

"I'll still play it! Okay. I will never stop playing Minecraft," said PewDiePie. Then, he quickly added, "That's a lie."

He clarified, "I just feel like I can't do them weekly if they don't update the game." However, he did reassure fans that he would "probably" make some more episodes related to Minecraft in the future. 


That's a pretty good bet, considering how much he clearly loves the game. Also, PewDiePie is famous for his daily output, so he's likely to turn to Minecraft again in the future if there's nothing else to do. 

Also, Pewds seemed rather interested in an idea from one of his fans. One fan suggested that PewDiePie should upload a copy of his Minecraft save file and see what fans could get up to with it. PewDiePie seemed intrigued by this idea, saying, "I like that." However, he was unsure how to go about making that save file public for fans. Still, it's an interesting idea and it'll be fun to see what comes out of this suggestion.

Not to worry, though. Pewds doesn't appear to be in any hurry to slow down his output. While Minecraft is out of the picture for the foreseeable future, the streamer has set his sights on Terraria. That game just had its final update released and it's looking to entice new and old fans alike with the changes being made. 

Called Terraria: Journey's End, this update has not only added new content, but it has restored elements of previous versions of the game. In other words, Terraria: Journey's End acts as something of a "greatest hits" package for the beloved sandbox game.


PewDiePie got deep into Minecraft within just the last year, which has been one of the main things that people have credited for the game's resurgence in popularity. The Verge even pointed to "the PewDiePie effect" — Pewds' influence on viewers leading to them checking out a game — as a huge reason why the game was on the rise once more. As explained by Polygon, Pewds had maintained for years that he would never play Minecraft, not even for the purposes of making new content. While this was clearly a bit of a joke on his part, he still stuck to his guns for quite some time. 

He eventually relented, much to the surprise and delight of his fans. However, he said at the time, "If Minecraft gets boring, I can just move on to other things."

Now it appears as though PewDiePie is sticking to that promise. It's been pretty clear from the beginning of Pewds' journey into Minecraft that he was doing it because it was fun for him. He doesn't need the traffic brought in by Minecraft viewers because he already has a massive fanbase. Still, it's cool to see that he's open to ideas for keeping his Minecraft world alive and well.

PewDiePie also has another kind of building on the brain: bodybuilding. The YouTuber shocked fans recently when his wife Marzia posted a photo of him working outside. To the surprise of their many followers, PewDiePie has apparently gotten into great shape in recent months. He attributes this to light workouts and a slightly stricter diet.


It looks like PewDiePie is in the mood to keep shaking things up a bit. Between his new healthier lifestyle and his decision to move away from Minecraft for a little while, it's hard not to wonder what kinds of surprises he has in store for fans next.