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Destiny 2 Is Bringing Back This Popular Feature

The Destiny franchise has a spotty history with loot, which is a problem because the game is touted as a looter shooter MMO. While Destiny 2 has better grip on plunder than the first game, it isn't perfect, since it doesn't permit do-overs. If the gods of random number generation have it out for you, the game won't let you turn lemons into shotguns. All tthat changed when Umbral Engrams were introduced. While they were initially short-lived, Umbral Engrams are back for round two.

According to a recent blog post, Destiny 2 will soon reintroduce Umbral Engrams, thanks to popular demand. If you don't know what those are, they are a special type of Engram (Destiny's loot boxes) that normally dole out random items as dictated by the seasonal loot table. However, you can tweak the odds in your favor. If you visit the Prismatic Recaster before cracking the Engram open and dip it in the kiosk's amber soup, you will receive a piece of equipment from a selection of smaller loot pools. You still don't have 100% control over what you get, but some control is better than none. After all, a six-sided die is more likely to land on a "4" than a 20-sided die.

Since Umbral Engrams were previously introduced during the Season of Arrivals, you might assume the returning engrams will also be a temporary, seasonal addition. Nope. Just like Nolan North voicing your personal Ghost, these Engrams are here to stay.

If you want an Umbral Engram, you won't have to look far. Activities such as Patrols, Nightmare Hunts, Gambit, and Crucible will reward players with these items, but they are far from your only options. Enemies can also drop Umbral Engrams, so don't feel like you are shoehorned into one grinding method.

The good news doesn't end there, though. Moving forward, the Prismatic Recaster will act as a loot-based time machine. Don't like the current season's loot or want something you missed out on? Toss an Umbral Engram into the Recaster and choose from a selection of pages for different seasons. You can also focus the cosmic energies of the Prismatic Recaster through a new consumable known as Prismatic Lenses. These items let the Recaster home in on even smaller loot tables and prioritize specific stats or gear collections. Since you can earn Prismatic Lenses through "various activities," you probably won't be hurting for them when you need to control an Umbral Engram's output.

Of course, Umbral Engrams aren't the only new feature Bungie is bringing to the table. The company will also revamp Triumphs and Titles, but the Engrams are the standout feature. After all, who wouldn't want more control over loot in a video game?