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Why Johnny Klebitz Was Really Killed Off In GTA 5

Brutal deaths in gaming have become commonplace since the characters doing the dying are usually the ones trying to impede your progress, but every now and then, there are those moments where a character dies out of nowhere and shocks us all. Games go out of their way to tell engaging stories and introduce memorable individuals to gamers that stand the test of time, and whenever they meet their unfortunate end, tears are shed and jaws drop out of pure shock.


Rockstar Games has become quite talented at getting those types of reactions from its rabid fanbase. Grand Theft Auto, which is undoubtedly the publisher/developer's biggest franchise, is known for killing off its most lovable (and infamous) personalities on a regular basis. Grand Theft Auto 5 has its fair share of major deaths, but one of them stand out due to the manner in which it occurred and how it introduced players to an always off-kilter character in the process.

This is how Johnny Klebitz met his unfortunate end and why it had to happen in the first place.

Johnny Klebitz's demise was used to establish a debuting character's unpredictable nature

Fans were first introduced to Johnny Klebitz in Grand Theft Auto 4 as a supporting character. Soon after, Klebitz became the lead character in the expansion, The Lost and the Damned. Then he made another appearance in another GTA 4 DLC chapter, The Ballad of Gay Tony.


By the time GTA 5 released, fans knew they'd be committing crimes in Los Santos as three main protagonists: Michael, Trevor, and Franklin. In the case of Trevor, we're first introduced to him in one of the wildest cinematics ever featured in GTA

Johnny gets into an argument with Trevor by his trailer park home. And it's all because Johnny's angry about Trevor sleeping with his ex-girlfriend. At first, Trevor makes light of the situation and angers Johnny even more. Eventually, both men try to ease the situation and bring their conflict to a close. Then in a shocking moment, Trevor pushes Johnny to the ground and proceeds to beat him to death.

Johnny's brutal death at the hands of Trevor was clearly used to paint Trevor as a madman with reckless abandon. Now that's quite the character debut!