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Everspace 2 Is Off To A Strong Start

The much-anticipated sequel to the interstellar open-world title Everspace is making waves with critics and fans alike. The title entered its Early Access phase after recently launching on Steam and GOG last week. Over the past few days, Everspace 2 has climbed the Steam top sellers list, making the release of this title look promising.

A recent press release from Rockfish Games offered insight as to how Everspace 2 has been faring. According to Michael Schade, the CEO and co-founder of Rockfish Games, the title's early access "exceeded our wildest expectations," and it "received overwhelmingly positive feedback from fans and press all over the world." Schade also commented on how the team was able to succeed despite setbacks due to the pandemic.

"We are super grateful for tens of thousands daring space pilots pulling the trigger on an unusually high-priced Early Access game, which is a heart-warming reward for all the hard work, love and dedication our talented team poured into this initial release version, despite everyone working from home since March, last year," Schade said.

Critics have been praising Everspace 2, stating that the developers at Rockfish Games have done "an incredible job." A review from PC Invasion noted that the game's combat and other gameplay mechanics are fluid and "extremely clear" while also applauding the title's graphics. Fan reviews on Steam also reflect the same sentiment, with many players also praising the game's engaging single-shooter combat and vast space exploration. Despite all of its positives, one review on Steam that did not recommend Everspace 2 did mention that the game's $40 Early Access price tag doesn't justify the current build of the game.

In addition to the Steam and GOG Early Access releases, Rockfish Games also plans on launching Everspace 2 on NVIDIA GeForce Now. This version of the game that will be on the cloud gaming service will allow users who don't have a powerful gaming PC to experience the game. Additionally, the original Everspace will also be made available on the platform.

Everspace 2 is going to be a direct continuation of the events from the previous entry in the series. Everspace focuses on Adam Roslin, a scientist who was cloned several times. The character that the player controls is a clone of Roslin that has retained most of the original's memories and abilities. While the original Everspace gave players a roguelike experience, the game's sequel promises an open-world RPG adventure. Everspace 2 is currently slated for a 2022 release.