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Here's How To Get The Secret Ending In Hitman 3

Hitman 3 is like previous Hitman games in many ways, with the main attraction being the glamorous sandbox-style levels with almost unlimited ways to cause mayhem. But it also brings the latest chapter in Agent 47's life to a close. While the world's most talented clone assassin probably isn't done committing stylish murders, Hitman 3 still had a definitive ending.


Actually, it has two definitive endings depending, on which choices the player makes. In the game's final level, 47 confronts his longtime nemesis Arthur Edwards/The Constant in a train car. Edwards offers 47 a syringe that will wipe 47's memories. At this point, 47 can either give Edwards the injection, erasing Edwards' identity, or 47 can assassinate him. 

But there's actually a third, secret ending. Not only does it end the World of Assassination trilogy on a downer note, it also calls back to the very beginning of the Hitman franchise in 2000.

Here's how to get Hitman 3's secret ending. 

Stop and count to 47

Unlocking the "Countdown to 47" secret ending is simple. When the train car cutscene ends and 47 can choose how to dispose of Edwards, just wait. After precisely 47 seconds, Edwards will ask if 47 is having second thoughts. This gives 47 the option to inject himself, returning himself to the state he was in when he began his career: an obedient cloned assassin with no memory of his origins. As Edwards claimed moments earlier, this is how 47 was always "meant to be."


If 47 takes the injection, he blacks out and wakes in a padded room. This mirrors the very beginning of Hitman: Codename 47. Agent 47 is disoriented and maybe a bit horrified, like a part of himself knows this is wrong. But Edwards tells him via intercom that it's a new day and there are many things to do — and the game ends. 

Secret endings are rarely considered canon, so if there's a Hitman 4, it most likely wouldn't star a brainwashed 47. But the series has always forced 47 to confront the meaning of his life as a clone created to kill, so in many ways, it's a logical endpoint for the character.