Brandon McIntyre

Photo of Brandon McIntyre
Albuquerque, NM
University Of New Mexico
Video Games, Movies, TV
  • Brandon has a deep knowledge of video games and have an interest in the context surrounding the industry altogether.
  • From past experience, including his education at the University of New Mexico and work with publications such as Game Rant and Twinfinite, game journalism and journalism broadly are two of Brandon's honed writing skillsets.
  • He has always had an eye toward the creative, with a wide imagination and large capacity for concepts and ideas, be it in the written form or otherwise.


As someone with a deep passion for the English language and critical analysis, writing with a keen eye for detail is one of Brandon's deeply-honed skills. And with an interest in video games and entertainment broadly, he's been able to implement his writing abilities in covering digital media journalistically. Previously, he has written for Game Rant, TheGamer, CBR, Goomba Stomp, and Twinfinite.


With a Bachelor's Degree in English from the University of New Mexico, writing using critical analysis and detailed argument is one of Brandon's greatest utilities.
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