The Link Detail In Breath Of The Wild That You Probably Didn't Notice

While The Legend of Zelda franchise has evolved over the years, there are some things that simply never change. In the case of this beloved Nintendo series, Link never talks. Well, at least in video game form. There was a brief moment in the 80s where a cartoon Link was given a voice and, well, maybe it's best that he has since taken a vow of silence. But how does his quiet nature affect his relationships?


The silent-type persona seems to work well in Link's case, as he's managed to attract quite a few women. Regardless, Zelda has remained his main squeeze throughout all his adventures, throughout all the different timelines

Something that only true Zelda fans might notice is that Zelda and Link's relationship is pretty bizarre. While his quiet nature might be attractive to some, it may very well have been detrimental to any real romantic possibilities with Zelda. Nowhere is that more obvious than in Breath of the Wild.

He never found the right words

In Breath of the Wild, Link and Zelda have a lot of opportunities to grow closer, yet Link simply won't speak up. While standing before a shrine, Zelda's work is interrupted after Link arrives on horseback. She scolds him, expressing how she doesn't need his help. She tells him that she's "fine, regardless of the king's orders," yet she is clearly upset. 


Does Link bother to offer any words of comfort? Nope! Instead of going back to the castle as she requested, he wordlessly follows her as she leaves. It's as if he isn't even listening.

Another example is when Link approaches Urbosa, who is seated by a resting Zelda's side. She asks the Hylian knight if they've been getting along well, and of course, to spare him from having to speak up, she laughs and says, "It's okay. I know. Your silence speaks volumes." 

Even though Urbosa assures him he is not at fault, the fans all know the truth. Link's silence truly does speak volumes. He could be there for Zelda to offer comforting words, but instead, his lips remain sealed. He simply continues to follow the princess like the good, emotionally detached soldier he is.