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We Finally Know What Apex Legends' Next Character Can Do

Season 8 of Apex Legends is shaping up to be a pretty wild affair. Not only has the familiar King's Canyon map been leveled by explosives, but there's a brand new character on the scene: Fuse. Ever since the explosives expert was first revealed, fans have been chomping at the bit to find out what he can do. Now, Respawn Entertainment has given gamers the closest look yet at what Fuse is truly capable of.


On Jan. 26, Respawn debuted a high-octane trailer for the latest season of the game. Season 8 bears the subtitle "Mayhem," and it's easy to see why. The new trailer and its introduction of Fuse borrows a lot of its tone and attitude from 80s action flicks, which seems extra appropriate when you see what Fuse can do.

Data miners had previously uncovered hints of Fuse's abilities. Images of tactical bombs and other explosive goodies have led to the belief that Fuse's move-set will lean heavily into the demolition side of things. It turns out that this is absolutely correct.

In the new trailer, Fuse first arrives amidst a cluster of bombs peppering the battlefield. This appears to be the character's ultimate move, which is glimpsed yet again towards the end of the trailer. Fuse fires one giant shell up into the air, which then splits, raining multiple grenades onto his enemies.


The trailer may have also given fans a decent look at Fuse's finishing move. At one point, Fuse is seen detonating a grenade directly behind his opponent. This move sends Fuse's enemy flying towards him, where they are promptly clotheslined by his awesome cybernetic arm. Speaking of which, Fuse's metal arm is also capable of firing Arc Star grenades. This would seem to give his grenade launches much more air time and distance than a traditional toss, but that has yet to be confirmed.

All in all, it's looking like Fuse is going to be the ideal Legend for players who like to cause a good amount of damage in a larger area. Of course, as exciting as all of these new abilities may be for Apex Legends players, the introduction of Fuse has not arrived without a bit of controversy. Indie games studio NOWWA has accused Respawn Entertainment of copying significant elements of Fuse's design from one its own upcoming action game, BulletVille. 

If you're ready for Fuse to bring the mayhem, Respawn has good news for you: Season 8 of Apex Legends launches Feb. 2.