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Everything We Know About Apex Legends' Fuse

Season 8 of the popular battle royale game Apex Legends will release Feb. 2, and with it comes new features, new story details, and yes, a new character, Fuse. The enthusiastic explosives expert will appear in the new season of Apex Legends, titled Mayhem, but some information about who he is and what he can do has already reached the internet, thanks to breadcrumbs left by Respawn and a bit of sneaky data mining.


Data miners uncovered some details about Fuse earlier this month, including his tactical ability, which appears to involve a huge bomb. While there's no way to know if the mined information is correct, bombs have been dropping in Apex Legends recently, leading players to suspect a new character was forthcoming.

A great deal of that speculation has been confirmed, and EA has officially announced Mayhem by releasing a new trailer that gives a subtle nod to another Respawn classic, Titanfall. The trailer provides a new look at Fuse and his entrance into the Apex Games. However, fans already met Fuse days before, in a special story explaining his resistance fighter roots.

"Good as Gold" and full of explosives

On Jan. 18, just a couple of days before the official Season 8 trailer dropped, Respawn released a new Stories from the Outlands tale titled "Good as Gold." The video tells the origin story of Fuse, who turns out to be a native of the planet Salvo who grew up fighting on and for his homeworld. Fuse's story involves a good friend who shares his passion for rebelling against the Syndicate. Throughout the video, the two friends pass a golden grenade back and forth for luck. While the explosive represents their friendship throughout the years, it's also a fully functional bomb. The tale ends with Fuse's friend throwing the grenade at him, severing his arm and destroying their friendship.


The drama doesn't end with an unwilling amputation, though. The release trailer for Mayhem shows Fuse blasting his way into King's Canyon, destroying the historic gaming site and making a grand entrance in the process. EA's official description of Fuse calls him a "blow-up-first ask-questions-later kinda guy," hinting at his unpredictable behavior and impulsive nature. Fuse also brings the 30-30 Repeater along with him, a brand new weapon straight from Salvo.

Okay, but what can he do?

Players want to know combat details, naturally. Fuse appears to be an Offensive type Legend who uses various explosives to blast through opponents. In addition to Fuse's previously mentioned tactical ability, data miners revealed Fuse's ultimate move and passive ability.


Fuse's ultimate, The Motherlode, may allow the Legend to fire rockets out of a cannon he wears on his back, burning his surroundings to a crisp. Miners speculate that Fuse may be able to passively store grenades in his pack. While none of these moves have been officially confirmed, data miners have successfully predicted Apex Legends updates in the past, despite mixed feelings from the fan community

In fact, fans have wondered if Fuse would arrive in-game soon due to a slip-up on Twitter. Respawn Entertainment Lead Writer Manny Hagopian, revealed on Twitter that he accidentally spilled the beans about Fuse by mentioning his name, but quickly deleted the offending tweet before too many people noticed.


Apex Legends aficionados will have to wait a little longer to discover all of Fuse's secrets, but for now they can comb the launch trailer for more details, watching and rewatching the rowdy Australian wreck King's Canyon in his exciting debut.