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The Secret Level In Limbo That You May Have Missed

Limbo might be the most disturbing game ever made that can also be beaten in one play session. The 2D platformer from developer and publisher Playdead tells the story of an unnamed boy lost in an oppressive black-and-white forest. The boy must dodge deadly traps and monsters and avoid brain-sucking slugs while investigating the death of his sister. Spoiler: it doesn't have a happy ending

But while the ending is a bit of an enigma, the game itself has secrets, too. That includes an entire hidden level that can be easy to overlook, especially because it's not available in every version of the game. Limbo launched on July 21, 2010 as an Xbox 360 exclusive. The PS3 and PC versions didn't come out until July 19, 2011, but players' patience was rewarded with the secret level. The secret level was later included in both the Xbox One and PS4 versions, but never on Xbox 360.

Discovering and completing the secret level will unlock the secret "Ding!" achievement and can push the game's completion to 111%. But unlocking the secret level itself will require lots of steps, and probably lots of deaths.

The deadliest Easter egg hunt of all time

First, collect all ten of the secret eggs hidden throughout the game. You can discover these by exploring or by using a guide. Discovering each egg will unlock its own achievement, so it's easy to keep track of which ones you've found.

Once you've collected all ten eggs and beaten the game, return to Chapter 26. The secret level's entrance will be in the same area as the egg that unlocked the "Alone in the Dark" trophy. Look for the ladder that leads to the pitch-black area, navigate through the darkness, and find the spot with ten candles. Collecting all the eggs will light all ten candles and remove the barrier to the secret level. 

Enter the secret level and the barrier will slam shut behind you. The secret level is also pitch black and full of hazards, including inconveniently placed machine guns, spinning saw blades, and flaming tires. Eventually you'll reach an elevator. Moving machine guns repeatedly strafe the elevator, and timing the elevator ride is tricky. The elevator will drop you off at Chapter 34, and you'll finally unlock the "Ding!" achievement.