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How GTA Took It To Another Level By Adding This Homelander Mod

The Grand Theft Auto series has a long history with modding. For a game that intentionally lacks in DLC, this has contributed to the longevity of the game and the activity of its community.  A new Grand Theft Auto 5 mod brings the character Homelander from the hit show The Boys into the already over-the-top open-world game. Players are able to bring the amoral superhero (supervillain?) into their single-player Grand Theft Auto 5 game to re-experience the story with perhaps a little more chaos on their side.


And it's not just a cosmetic overhaul. The Grand Theft Auto 5 mod features not only the appearance of Homelander (lovingly rendered and replete with a billowing cape) but also some of his most remarkable in-show abilities.

Grand Theft Auto 5 has become known for its huge repository of mods, ranging from mods that change the game entirely (like LSPD First Response) to mods that just make the game feel a little more alive (such as World of Variety). But the Homelander mod has struck a special chord with Redditors in particular, who enjoy witnessing the havoc that the character can cause.

The Boys asks: What if Superman was a monster?

In The Boys, Homelander is a nationalistic Superman-lite — complete with flight, laser vision, and super strength. But what he lacks from Superman is empathy, courage — really any type of moral structure at all. Brutally powerful, erratic, and capricious, Homelander is the character that keeps everyone on their toes. Largely, this is because his behavior is not only dangerous, but unpredictable.


And he's not even the main villain (well, yet). Theoretically, he's one of the good guys.

That makes him perfect for the world of Grand Theft Auto 5, in which players spend their time murdering, carjacking, and mugging. Some parallels can even be drawn between Homelander and GTA's Trevor — a character so unpredictable and depraved that players speculate he might be a demon. But while Trevor might be a malevolent loose cannon, what he isn't is super-powerful. Adding laser vision and super strength to the equation is a sure way to encourage chaos. 

Become bulletproof with the Homelander mod

On Reddit, user VsHumanity showed off a clip of the Homelander mod, in which Homelander withstands an extraordinary amount of bullet damage. True to his television show character, the modded Homelander can absolutely blitz through the scenery — though the game seemed to have some trouble keeping up with his high-flying antics.


The mod (which includes cloth physics and glowing eyes) can be found at GTA5 Mods. According to the creator, a superior version (V2) can be found on their Patreon — and they're currently working on V3. 

Additional gameplay videos (which do include some plot spoilers) have been posted to YouTube, showing Homelander soaring over the landscape, picking up and throwing trucks, smashing the ground around him, and even beating up Superman himself. (And it perhaps bears mentioning that Superman is also available as a Grand Theft Auto 5 mod.)

Of course, Rockstar Games is only cool with single-player Grand Theft Auto 5 mods  — you'd have to do some work to use Homelander online, and it would likely be frowned upon. So, you're not going to experience a city full of Homelanders just yet. Still, if you just want to have some fun tossing helicopters around and burning people with laser vision, you now have the opportunity.