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The Viral Dance Fortnite Just Added

As Fortnite continues to pile on new content and skins for players to tinker with, another new emote has just been revealed. The massively popular battle royale title is notoriously known for making dance emotes, and that's exactly what Fortnite players can expect with this latest announcement. But this dance might be pretty recognizable for those who remember South Korean singer Psy's takeover in 2012 when he went viral for his song "Gangnam Style." Yes, Fortnite has indeed added a "Gangnam Style" dance emote almost a decade after the song came out.


The new emote was first announced on the official Korean Fortnite Twitter account yesterday. The account attached a video of in-game Fortnite characters performing the "Gangnam Style" dance without the track in the background. Afterward, the North American Fortnite Twitter account also made its own tweet about the emote. Similar to the Korean announcement, the NA Twitter account also attached a sample video of what the dance emote looks like. The account additionally stated that the emote has been added to the Item Shop.

Reactions to this new emote have been pretty enthusiastic. A handful of players who replied to the tweet were excited about the emote, with one player even commenting, "I was waiting for this day!" However, there were some disgruntled players who weren't entirely onboard. One of these players replied to the tweet with meme about how late to the punch Fortnite was when it decided to implement this new emote into the game. Regardless, "Gangnam Style" is here to stay. In fact, this emote could very well be the first time that some younger Fortnite players will be introduced to the viral dance.


The "Gangnam Style" dance is yet another entry in Fortnite's absurd roster of emotes. In the past, Fortnite has added dances that reference different facets of pop culture and history, so adding "Gangnam Style" to this collection is very on brand for the battle royale, especially since the song is very much connected to pop and internet culture. This is especially the case considering that the game has released character skins based on popular streamers like Ninja, as well as superheroes from the Marvel universe.

The "Gangnam Style" dance emote is currently available on the Fortnite Item Shop for 500 V-Bucks. Players who really want to rub in the salt after winning a match definitely don't want to miss out on this new emote.